What are you listening to while you work?

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Naturally, by now a lot of us are experts in what to have on in the background that helps us focus.

I've found I need some sort of background noise to help me keep productive and on task these days. 

I have LoFi playing almost all day and all night. So much that I was "LoFi Girl" for Halloween once. Which lead to a friend drawing this: 
Dylan - LoFi.jpg

What sort of music/podcasts/white noise do you listen to while you work? Are you more of the absolute quiet type? We'd love to hear all about it in the comments below! 

Also, in absence of an artist, "LoFi Girl" created a generator for everyone to enjoy! Check it out. 

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Mostly quiet or background TV, but when I am focusing on a task, I'll aim for either focus-oriented playlists or some electronic chill type music, such as Lane 8.

@Dylan Snodgrass I am usually listening to all kinds of stuff - I like having podcasts in the background a lot recently. Currently I am listening to a podcast called " My Favorite Murder"- a bi-weekly true crime comedy podcast hosted by American comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. It's pretty cool! Here is my Goth LoFi avatar I created: 



My work playlist starts with Tycho's Awake album. It goes in a few directions after that, some of The XX and Massive Attack. If I've made it all the way through M83's Hurry Up, We're Dreaming album then its time for me to take a break because that means I've been at it for a few hours. If I jump back into the same playlist, things get a little slower with Jose Gonzalez but then it picks up again with Foster the People and Washed Out.

I've been conditioned to start working any time I hear Tycho. Even their other albums make me want to get something done.

Lofi hiphop + rain sounds all day!

@Dylan Snodgrass what a coincidence! I listen to lofi while working too. I have this bookmarked, and I usually start playing it as soon as I start reading my emails in the morning. <3


@Dylan Snodgrass 

I enjoy slow and happy musical instruments. I like Jazz and I like classical, both help me focus especially when I need to read through a lot of things.

Thanks for the link to the LoFi girl generator, here is mine:



I couldn't agree more!
LoFi has been a huge life enrichment for me, and thankfully there is quite a lot of it these days!
I have a Google Nest Hub and an Amazon Echo Show on my desk, not by choice, I like google best but I can't see my Ring cameras on it unfortunately. Since I have those, I listen to a lot of things & I can run a lot of streaming apps. Most of the time it's true crime shows. That way I don't really have to watch and can just let the series run while I work.
I need music & I like many genre's & styles, however in recent years I have been very much into Electronic music with minimal lyrics, if any. Particularly Techno, Psy-Trance, and Experimental . I hope to create some of my own at some point. All I really need is the "right" software, and ideally a good fast PC with fast Internet & quality sound card (digital to analogue conversion input output ports) and a little bit of training maybe. But I can do it on a $50 Android phone.
At the moment I just mainly listen, and search for new artists and DJ's to listen to.
I also love dance parties & raves, but haven't been to any for a long time, due recently to COVID-19, and also in Sydney legal restrictions. I hope to seek out some soon, now the COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted.
For me listening and responding (dancing, moving, bonking, singing, huming, exercising, etc.) to good music is my only real release.
:ab_button_blood_type::Alan Bond:musical_notes:

@Dylan Snodgrass  

Hello classical music is great!

I recommend it to everyone, it really calms down  - I'm curious if you liked it?



@Eric Starker 

I am very curious about your opinion - for me such music is an inspiration:


@Dylan Snodgrass : Completely depends on the situation for me. I think my trends are something like this:


End of frustrating conference call : Rock or Metal

Day has so far been interrupted every 5 minutes : Hardstyle or beats such as The Prodigy

Deep into problem solving : LoFi or Classical or Acoustic, or what I like to call Chilled Beats - such as https://www.youtube.com/c/AHimitsu 

If it is December, it just Xmas songs all month :) 


Sure, I like classical music as well.

I love to listen to just about anything to get me motivated to keep exploring. Like the new song by fireboy "peru"....level up I make music in your ear magic in your eyes....