What are you favorite podcasts?

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The list I have of podcasts I want to listen to is very long, and I am always looking for new suggestions.

I'd love to share two of my recent favorite podcasts and I would love to hear your suggestions for more. 


The first is tech related, Darknet Diaries shares stories from all kinds of people who spend time on the internet.



The second is a horror podcast, The No Sleep Podcast, which shares scary stories. (I don't recommend listening to this at night)



What are your favorite podcasts to listen to and why?

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My absolute favorite podcast is a comedy advice show called My Brother, My Brother, and Me (MBMBaM for short). Highly recommend for chaos and lots of laughs! 

@EmilyPerina I don't listen to too many, but I was addicted last year to one called Rabbits,

a fictional podcast about an alternate reality game, with lots of '80s nostalgia. 

I listened to Rabbits! I loved it! I just found out the creator wrote a book, also called Rabbits, not exactly like the podcast, but a similar story about the game
Yeah, the book was good too! I went round backwards - the book was on sale for Kindle one day and looked intriguing, and reading it convinced me to try the podcast.
Also I had hoped that Rabbits would be an entry point for all that company's podcasts, but I tried Tanis and couldn't get into it, and haven't been inspired to try any of their other ones.

Pivot, a podcast where Tech, Business and Politics intersect: 



I Like To Get onto Spotfy at Night and While I fall off to sleep i tune into The Outlaw Wild West Story's , They're Pretty Good , like they have stories of Wild Bill , And other peace officers and Outlaws of the1850's to 1890's ,, Brings a different perspective of how history was form in that era,, AWESOME!!!

I didn't like Tanis either, but I really enjoyed the Black Tapes. It was pretty creepy in the beginning
action movies and comedy
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Thanks! I've never listened to a podcast, I'll be checking into this one. Sounds interesting