Welcome to the new Away From Keyboard space! (please read before posting)

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Welcome to our new home for open conversation! 
We created the Microsoft Tech Community with a goal to connect experts and enthusiasts from across the globe to discuss our products & services. In doing that, we have been able to connect even more on a human level. 
Keeping that in mind, we wanted to create a space for anyone and everyone to discuss open topics that may not be connected to any of our many communities. 

We want this to be a relaxed space however the Code of Conduct still applies in this space. While we do welcome healthy and constructive debate, some content will be removed depending on the context of the situation. Certain terms and phrases can be harmful, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive, vulgar, sexually explicit, defamatory, infringing, invasive of personal privacy or publicity rights, or in a reasonable person's view, objectionable.
In short; hate speech is not tolerated and do not use offensive language or topics to attack another community member.

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AFK while at the keyboard. #Meta


I didn't choose the AFK life, the AFK life chose me

@Dylan Snodgrass  Hi

Please explain more fully ( I do not understand a bit )

"We want this to be a relaxed space however "


Hello @A1!

We mean relaxed as in a space that is not dedicated to a specific topic. But more human interests in general outside of the world of tech!

@Dylan Snodgrass 

I'm surprised by this - MTC is much more than a social network for me!
No clearly defined topic for discussion - unfortunately thank you but , rather not for me!
Best regards

@A1 Makes total sense! We are trying to offer a wide range of offerings to the community members, with the hopes that everyone will find something worth sticking around for :) 


Hi, it would really be great :ok_hand: if this idea is accepted by the MTC Community.
But not everyone at MTC is looking for relaxation - most often they are looking for help with technical problems , or they are looking for information on the blog of Microsoft employees and that's what makes sense!
Xbox - for gamers it may be needed by millions of people as a space in MTC

@Deleted agreed, and I hope that the tech community continues to be an invaluable resource in that exact same manner for many! I have also seen firsthand how important and valuable interpersonal connections can be in an online community, particularly for tech and IT. Our hope is that providing a place where community members can find commonalities and shared interests outside of tech will help cement the professional and technical relationships being made here. But of course it's absolutely voluntary! 


Also great idea with the XBox forum! We will definitely look into it :) 

الموضوع كيف تصبح ناجحا

@Dylan Snodgrass 


I captured this public space in Philly during the holiday weekend frenzy.  Just a momentary calm...