The name of this forum is "Away From Keyboard" so how can we type here?

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The name of this forum is "Away From Keyboard" and I am wondering when we are away from the keyboard, then how we are able to type? And if we are not able to type, then how write a post?

I find this funny argument and though to post here :)

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Hello, really - this space is developing great - I was also confused,
I think it is a complement and an opportunity to show your own personality - focus good energy and make new friends in MTC.
I remember your post about green energy where you suggested - buying flowers for the office
for unnecessary printing and mindless destruction of paper.

How to create a paperless policy? - Microsoft Tech Community

@Reza_Ameri It's a "water cooler" space to have light-hearted discussions away from the IT content and topics across Tech Community. We realize the name is a bit...ironic. :)



We could stay away from keyboard and type with touch screen device and speech recognition.