Tell us all about your favorite concert?

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We all know I am a lover of music. Well, I'm an even bigger fan of live music! 

As we're entering the warmer months here in North America, we're starting to see more festivals and head-lined music concerts pop-up all over. This got me thinking about what I may consider my favorite concert experience...
I've been to plenty, but I would have to say the one that stands out is also one of my first ones: Imogen Heap! 

I'd love to hear about your favorite concert experience! 
(Yes, this is all just a dramatic ploy to expand my playlists) 

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I've seen Imogen Heap twice actually! The last time was just a few years ago in a big venue playing her cool electronic inventions, but the first time was around 1998-1999, when she just had one solo album and was playing and singing at a piano in a small club. There were maybe 20 of us there and she was super friendly to us after - and as amazingly dynamic to watch then as now.

My favorite of all time... I have a lot, but I'll go with Janelle Monae. I saw her for the first time at a big music festival - purely on recommendation - and she blew me away with her amazing singing, dancing and fearlessness. (She painted a painting during one song and threw it to the audience, tons of audience interaction, crowdsurfing, etc.)

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Lucky! I've been a fan of Imogen Heap since her Speak For Yourself album (and since she was known as Frou Frou when she did a song featured on the Garden State soundtrack). However, I have yet to see her live!


I've actually been to hundreds of concerts myself as they are one of my fave things to do! As many artists and bands as I've seen and met over the years, a big live performance that stands out to me wasn't a regular concert actually - it was at a comedy festival in L.A. called Festival Supreme that was founded by Jack Black and Kyle Gass (Tenacious D).


One year (I think it was 2014), they had Dethklok perform. If you're an Adult Swim fan, you know them from the animated show, Metalocalypse. The show ended some years before this festival appearance, and I'm not even sure if the band ever played a live performance anywhere before it, but my BFF and I lost our minds when they came out to close the festival. It was so much fun seeing Brendon Small on the guitar, with video of their corresponding characters from Metalocalypse on the big screen behind them. It was absolutely so much fun! 

Dethklok @ Festival Supreme 2014: Bryan Beller (Bass) pictured in foreground.Dethklok @ Festival Supreme 2014: Bryan Beller (Bass) pictured in foreground.

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My favorite concert experience was in the mid to late 80's when I saw Genesis with some friends.  We had planned on seeing the band for some time, one of my favorites for years, and my friend said he could get tickets.  The day of the show my car broke down, luckily it was in the morning but it wouldn't be fixed until the next day.  My friends said no worries we'll come and get you.  Keep in mind that I have paid for or seen the tickets yet and I'm kind of doubtful that my friend has them at all.  My friends pick me up and we go to the venue (Hartford Civic Center).  The friend who bought the tickets won't let us see them and keeps leading the way deeper into the venue.  Ultimately, after stopping several time to have our tickets checked we make it to the floor and we're in....THE FRONT ROW!!!  My friends gave us the tickets as a Christmas present and it was one of the best shows I've ever seen.

Pink Floyd! Soldiers Field Chicago. 1977.
That would have been my dream show.. I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan.
Oh, by the way which one's Pink?
They had ELO.concert that year! Ted Nugent, Lynyrd Skynyrd. And Pink Floyd? That was the best concert I have ever seen? Besides the Eagle's. They did the animals album? Then wish you were here a!bum? Then for the last song was Money? It's just like yesterday friend's

Just a small selection of some gigs I was at in the 80's. I was Social Secretary at College, so organised gigs, and throught that got tickets to gigs at other colleges. All the below I bought myself however, and every one was a blinder. Costs a wee bit more to see Springsteen nowadays!










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I saw Thin Lizzy around the same time in CT.  What a great show!


I also saw The Tubes, The Motels and Soft White Underbelly (Blue Oyster Cult) that same year.