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This is a topic I am often told by my colleagues I need to do more often. I think during the pandemic it's been harder to make that time for yourself because it was easier to focus on work than what was going on in the world. 


As we emerge from covid, at different paces, across the world I wanted to ask the community, what have you missed for the last two years that you plan to do in 2022?


For me its cruising, I am an avid cruiser, I think partly because the Wi-Fi on board is so expensive, I am not going to pay for it and it means I can get away from the busy world for 7 / 14 days and just "be" with other people, something thats been really difficult during the pandemic. 


I have two planned this year, in April I am going to do Copenhagen, Oslo and a few other stops around Norway and Denmark and in September I am doing the Greek isles and Turkey. 


What plans have you got for 2022? (let's not share specific dates or companies as that's not the point of this thread).  It doesn't have to be about spending money either, I would love to hear about ways that you make time for yourself in your weekly schedule. 


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I am taking time to visit Santa Fe on a trip with my sisters and going on a cruise to Alaska! Also You're right it IS so hard to take time for myself when in the back of my mind I feel like there is an inner critic telling me " you should be doing more" constantly. Been working on this as I know taking this time is important to avoid burnout and releases that " Surface Pressure" . 





@Allen I'm not quite there on planning too much big travel this year - still living in cautious optimism.


We have a small trip to Vancouver BC coming up, and will probably visit family for the holidays and maybe another trip or two within the US this year. Hoping to make a Europe trip in 2023! 


Outside of that, I'm excited to start attending gaming/SF/fantasy conventions again locally! And I've started seeing more theatre and concerts again. 

@Allen , Koby is nice!

There is ALWAYS a pandemic, a War, a something. I challenge you to change the Future. It's not about you it's about what you're leaving behind. But, absolutely take care of your mental health. "Can't pour from an empty cup". Cheers.
Last year I set a goal to go away at least once a month, promised to visit family during the year - never materialised for the reasons you mentioned. So, this year I set the same goal - went to the Kruger National Park in January with my daughters, went to the Drakensburg in February with colleagues to check out a Resort for an event later this year, lastly went on a road trip in March to fetch my dad and bring him home to stay plus visited family I haven't seen in two years. ... lets see if we get it right this year :) PS: I missed being able to go out, meet new people and socialise the most ...

What obligations do you OWE yourself?  Sorry I am Above you @Allen I didn't mean to do it that way it was default the way I went in.