Summer vacation!

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Summer is finally here (although here in Seattle where I'm at, with the rain and lukewarm at best temperatures, you'd hardly notice).


Anyone have any big summer plans? Traveling anywhere, or staycationing? Going on a cruise? Maybe a work trip to a conference with some vacation attached? 


My big plan so far is a New York trip to see a couple of Broadway shows in July. 


Let me live vicariously through your sun-drenched activities! 



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I had plans to go to the Oregon Coast in 2 weeks, but with gas prices as high as they are here in the U.S., I decided to postpone it to around Labor Day. Hopefully we'll see a reduction by then. If not, I'll probably change my trip to the more local San Juan Islands - my fave local getaway. <3
There is no better way to display wealth than to drive across Europe this year, right? :)
So that's what we are going to do.
Well, it was actually planned a long time ago to spend summer vacation at a resort just south of Venice, Italy.
It's still cheaper than flying + renting a car, when you are a family of five.
Finger crossed the old Volvo will make the trip
I have so many weddings to attend this year so that means no big vacation plans. But I have some weekend trips planned for Ocean City, Maryland, the Catskill Mountains, and Massachusetts. Hopefully next summer will include a bigger trip.

But its raining over here.......
Come to Dubai .
Gatlinburg Tn.