Staying cool through the blazing heat

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We have 90 degree weather here in Seattle this week, and I know that's nothing compared to some areas!
With record high temperatures across the northern hemisphere, what are you doing to stay cool and to "beat the heat"?
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*Blows a kiss to my window unit AC that's been on 24/7 all week*
Hi. Newbee do I post a question to Functions and Formulas?
Portable AC units for the win! I live in a condo on the second floor, and it faces the west, so my place gets pretty toasty in the late afternoon until dusk. I don't know how I lived those first few years without AC!

Hi @Eric Starker 

I also recommend everyone to install aluminum external blinds (they do not let the sun through) do not require electricity - >

for me it works in conjunction with air conditioning.




We in the gulf never saw such a climate change.. the weather here is so cool.
Yes, it's hot. but unlike previous years, it used to be around 50c and almost 100% humidity this time of the year. but today 35c, and the humidity is around 65%. For us who used to live here in previous years, this is a winter.
In a city named Fujairah in UAE, there was a flood caused by the rain.. this is not a rainy season, and it's always hot and no rain... But yes, climate change is real.
one of the mountain record 17c degrees only.. in winter we don't have such a temperature.

Minimal physical activity. I avoid all household activities and am grateful to have something good to blame. :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Thinking on installing solar panels to generate energy at home an be able to have AC turned all day long :p
Here in Toronto we have "city-wide" air conditioning, the quotation marks meaning that the system was built maybe a hundred years ago and applies to the city as it was then. This means a strip up the middle of the city from the waterfront to maybe Eglinton or Hogg's Hollow and five or eight blocks on either side.
It's cooled from the bottom of Lake Ontario so it's pretty efficient. Think of it as a heat exchanger, only operating on a six month cycle, summer and winter, rather than two ends of a tube full of liquid and vapour.
Now the bad news: when I was a kid, sixty plus years ago, the lake, Lake Ontario, froze over solid every winter. This meant that the water at the bottom of the lake in summer was at zero Celsius, 32 Fahrenheit minus a bit because the water's slightly dirty so it freezes at a colder temperature.
The lake still freezes somewhat, which means the cycle at zero,, in-and-outing the calories from the phase-change, is still operating -- but it brings to mind that everything isn't permanent. With Global warming, what will my grandchildren have?
Well, OK, maybe we'll have the Fuller Dome up by then.
And people will be per-pshawing about the fact that it only covers the then "old" city, the first ten million people...
Staying cool studying for my exam.

Here in Colorado we have been staying cool by staying INSIDE , and using evaporative coolers from home depot.  Very effective and quiet  ^_^ @Eric Starker 


Living in the forests in Norway, not that far north.
It is indeed dryer than usual here...
Here it is a nice 20 degrees (Celcius :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:), some rain from time to time, office with forest and mountain view... Couldn't be better.
Like we say here: God Sommer!
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If I'm out doing yard work,I'll put a wet towel around my neck. It definitely helps.

@Eric Starker 
Is this stil actual, do we close the topic?
Mabe time to change, "how to keep warm?" :xd:


Hi @Matthias Vandenberghe 

Of course, the topic is current (The world is great) in Australia, New Zealand, etc. ...  is now very warm, Regards