Sport in the office!

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I think it's worth thinking about - for health!

I look forward to other ideas!

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I've been curious to try tai chi for some time. I'm not a big fan of yoga since you have to hold the poses. I like the idea of Tai chi, because it is more fluid. Thanks for sharing!
We all have back problems – it really helps, however, people don't always accept it at work, but even 3 minutes of exercise several times a day is a great idea.
Does using a standing desk count as sport?

...asking for a friend.
I think that all that can be helpful when doing exercises in the office is Sport!
I have a standing exercise bike, but I have to force myself to exercise.
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Any chance anyone knows if Microsoft Build event will come back for 2022?

@leonid710 Yes, it had not been announced yet when you had asked your question, but Microsoft Build 2022 has been announced! May 24-26.