QOTD: What is your favorite flavor of apple?

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No, I'm not talking about *that* Apple™ - I mean the fruit!  


Did you know that there are literally hundreds of different varieties of apples around the world? There are so many possibilities! You can bake them, turn them into juice and cider, or cut them up and snack on them. I love to eat mine with peanut butter - YUM!


So, when you're walking the aisles at your local grocery store or market and you're craving a delicious apple, what flavor do you reach for?


Is it Pink Lady? Honeycrisp? Gala (my personal favorite)? Or are you more of a green apple fan? Let me know in the comments!




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Pink Lady for sure!
The Royal Gala, I like it because its sweet

Hi @Cecilia_Bergstedt 

thank you for the topic, I come from the country where they are the best and all species I suggest you try :)

polish apple - Bing images


It may be quirky, but I'm partial to a Fuji apple. <3
All of them, there is no Apple which I could say I don't like.

My favourite is Antonovka

Cosmic Crisp
Royal Gala

Hi! @Dylan Snodgrass 

It would be nice if you changed your mind, maybe this information will be helpful:

5 Unwanted Side Effects of Eating Too Many Apples | livestrong

Macintosh! For sure:red_apple:
شكرا للافادة
I just love to eat Pink Lady Apple I
Hybreed ..Pinhongalgreen.. alltime favourite!!