Pets of the Tech Community!

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The threads and conversations I am always likely to join are ones that ask for pictures of pets, so let's get it started here!


*Bonus if they help with the Tech Community too*



This is Kitsune, and she works very hard. 

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SOOO cute! I have two cats one is kit and the other is chwica! It looks like kitsune is working really hard!

@EmilyPerina I don't have a pet, but enjoy watching all the dogs in our neighborhood (there are a lot!). :D 

@EmilyPerina Here is my cat, Lydia, who is turning 8 in three months. I named her after the character in Beetlejuice.



Lydia is beautiful!!!

@EmilyPerina our sweet Maggie would like to say helloMaggieMaggie

@EmilyPerina Here's one of our youngest Lab, her name is Livi IMG_8696.jpeg

Both are adorable! Labs are such great dogs.
Thank you!

This is Kit.





This is Moki- my snowshoe siamese. I name most of my pets after Jim Henson creations as I am a HUGE fan of everything Jim Henson. She is named after a character from Fraggle Rock. 


She is the only cat I have owned that instantly adapted to a harness and ASKS to be brought outside for walks. She definitely helps to remind me to take a break! 

@EmilyPerina I have two cats, one who actively avoids any human interaction except at meal time and this dude, a Maine coon mix, that lumbers around behind me during the day. No tech help as of yet!

Mustache McGooMustache McGoo

Goofey the dog checking in from Cali. Rides shotgun with me on all Microsoft Teams calls as well as episodes of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Immediately confiscates any burritos left on my desk if I walk away. He's a good dog. 





what is that device ? is it just a prop? if so its kewl. looks too small to be one of the gpd'.@EmilyPerina 

What an amazing mustache!
He looks like a great Microsoft Teams companion!
It's just a prop, it has a little mirror in place of the screen. It's been a useful tool to get her to stop sitting in front of my own laptop.
I have 5 cats! Luna, Mrs.Blue, Angela , Stormy and Betty.



Ok,  my opposable thumb has been forced...  This is my 'Cat' Sammy fetching.  Just one of his many non-cat like self-taught personality perks.