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I haven't done it much lately, but I used to travel quite a bit for work, and I really love seeing new places and planning a Europe trip (for fun) sometime next year.


Favorites include walking on the beach in Tel Aviv and having hummus at the market there (I had a friend who had immigrated there who gave me the "locals" experience), checking out the museums in Stockholm, and meeting amazing people in Amsterdam I'm still in touch with.


What are some of your favorite travel experiences? 



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Hummus and falafels, last lunch in Tel Aviv before boarding a boat from there to Greece! Reminds me I have a box of falafel mix from TJoes need to use!
I love going to Colorado and seeing my relatives, and they have a incredible beach downside, if you come there in the right time.
HUGE thanks for reminding me of hummus and falafels. Btw, in Tel Aviv, they also make outstanding shawarma. Have you guys tried it? Probably the best street food I’ve had in my life. We went to Tel Aviv after being in Vienna for about 5 days. Though we visited only 2 cities, I guess it was the best summer holiday I had. First, we came to Vienna. We had a free walking tour (according to this plan Tbh, I had only 2 goals there: try chocolate and beer. They have a great beer in Austria, btw. I love Vienna for its streets, cafes, and the general impression it’s made on me. As for Tel Aviv, I’ll always remember it as the World Capital of Street Food.
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Hello, are you sure you're replying to the right conversation thread? This thread is about travel.
I didn't try the shawarma - worth it for another trip! Vienna sounds lovely. I'm definitely due for some travel outside my country, it's been a few years.