Lost for how future projection is

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Hi my name is horace randy holt. Sorry if posting in wrong place.. wanting to try reach out again as it would seem tech is so far advanced these days and dont get me wrong I am thankful for anyone that may of tried helping me out in what's taken place. However I still see alot of wrongs happening in the community and unfortunately not much I can do about it as I can't even seemingly get above water from what has happened and makes the future outlook actually quite **bleep**. Due to not being able to have a plan actually work out from what I'll say was account and device sabotage that really hurt when could been really helpful at the time to give positive projection and results.  Today I'm going to attach a letter. I ask please if possible passing to the right areas if anyone clicks with it. Cause it's TRUE and I dont wanna cry about what happened but would like to see that it wasn't for nothing and people that have gave there all arnt feeling way I do for real.  U ain't garbage inside and hopeing to get clarity if not some justice not just for my issues.  But maybe others as well.

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Hi @holthorace13pheonix81 

Cybersecurity is for everyone—this October and all year - Microsoft Community Hub

IT is needed by everyone, but you need to train all the time to counteract threats!

Most often, account problems are human error, and training allows you to minimize it.

Good luck.