If you could start a new competition, what would it be for?

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Competitive gaming and professional eSports leagues have been growing in popularity for some time now, with players competing for prize money, sponsorships, and prestige. Esports has even made its way to being broadcast on network television in recent years, garnering an audience of over 500 million people worldwide (according to Statista).


But this week, I learned about a new kind of competition that has made it to the network tv big leagues - the Microsoft Excel World Championships.FZppgP5aQAYGWq-.jpg


I'll be honest, I didn't know that this existed until I saw the news about being broadcast on the international sports network, ESPN, and thought, 'Wow! I wonder if I start training now..." :xd:. Had you known about these championships before?


Anyway, that left me wondering what other kind of less well-known competitive "sports" there are out there, and maybe where there is room to start a whole new competition!


So, if you could start a tournament or competitive league around anything - whether it be a strenuous physical activity or something that requires more mental exercise like competitive organizing - what would it be?

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I want a competition based around cleaning, on ESPN. I want a race to spotlessness!

@Cecilia_Bergstedt The cleanest block in your town