How do you discover new music?

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Hello to any fellow music lovers!


I'm curious: how do you typically find new music? Recommendations from friends? Music from shows or movies? Random browsing on your preferred music service?


I'm in a rut on my current music service and am looking for new musical adventures. I'd particularly love to know about any bands with current releases in the hopes that I like them and can then possibly see them live in the near future. My tastes are broad and I'll give anything a try so please share some of your recent favorites!

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@Heather Poulsen My friends and I recently started a shared Spotify playlist! I found a bunch of great new music that way.  :) 

I usually listen to artist radio stations on Spotify for artists I like, or the same thing for songs I like.
Viva Insights now has some headspace music recommendations under the Wellbeing tab. It's been interesting. I personally tend to Shazam any music I hear in passing that is of interest to me (restaurants / shopping / etc.) and look up related music and then check that out in iTunes/YouTube.
I'm on Apple Music. I'm on a mailing list or two for certain genres. I find other things through playlists, or playing a related radio station to an artist I like. (Found the band Bob Moses last year from listening to a chill electronic station on Spotify originally.)

I also flip through some magazines and sometimes will try things that sound interesting from them (usually they are specific enough topics that I'll have a good sense of if it might be my thing).

And sometimes through friends and family too - I became a big fan of the band the Midnight and have seen two concerts, all because it was mentioned in our work chat. Watched a couple YouTube videos and got hooked.
I use the Deezer flow, plays music like a radio station but based on the genre that i frequently listen to in Deezer
Яндекс Музыка или Spotify. Зависит от времяпровождения
jeśli chodzi muzyke, to ja zawwsze wraca, do lat 90 dr alban itp. i dla mnie ostatniego czasu (te 3 lata wstecz) muzyka staneła w miejscu (przynajmiej ta którą słucham w pracy) remake piosenk . które były już wczesniej remake :D to chba taka moda była jak z grami :D
a wyszukume na youtube
Mostly from friends!
Hello Heather
I prefer to listen to Spotify auto generated Playlist.
But i also post here a link for you, if you dont have Spotify:
Have a nice evening.
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BBC 6 music- new music fix with Tom Ravenscroft (John Peels son) and Deb Grant. Complete spectrum of genres!
Also - beat port vinyl and digital website with free snippets of everything
Spotify daily mixes based on your likes
Back when CDs were still the main way to jam out, I used to wait for my paycheck then head to Wal Mart and pick a totally random CD each couple weeks based solely on the cover art. Found a lot of my favorite bands and songs of all time this way. Also found A TON of awful ones. Right now, I usually just let YT Music suggest crap to me and I give it a shot.

@Heather Poulsen 

Well these responses on here are typical and yet none of them mentioned Twitch.

Numerous DEEJAYS are on Twitch and are of the Underground scenes.

If there is a new band that is really cool and has some good songs then those DEEJAYS on Twitch will most likely play them. Shazam sometimes works but other times the bands are too obscure and hidden from society to be found on such a service and then it requires BANDCAMP searches.

HI Heather,

I'm both a Biochemistry and Chemistry double major and have to hustle my way through uni so obviously due to my love for digital things. I DJ, I have a few friends on the "x" formerly twitter platform that digitally dance whilst generating fun AI whilst we all try and sync or various platforms in azure and cry. I have unfortunately lost all emojis at this point and a can't attach images but this is a short little promo mix of mine.
That's a great question, Ms. Poulsen!

I feel that has changed over time. Sometimes it could be reflecting on a tune or scene and then wanting to recapture it in the moment, so I search all over the place to find what it is and it's like - ooooh so that's what gypsy jazz is; I've heard this elsewhere in films and TV shows but that's what that is. This inspires me to branch out and learn more about a genre.

Cirque Du Soleil - my goodness - you can learn about a variety of different genres just by listening to their moving tracks. Yes, you will start to see a pattern in their tracks and score elements, but there are hybrid versions of genres all throughout their music soundtracks.

Video game soundtracks - and I am surprised - nowadays have so many hybrid genres that you can find tons of different genres and artists to connect to. I don't play video games now (but used to awhile back), but I've listened to quite a few animated soundtracks and I've realized the current generation has world-class compositions in their headsets.

I saw this Mario game advertised on YouTube and I was like, their using that "Ba-da-ba" 70s marketing soundtrack for their score:

Super Mario Wonder:

Other mentions:
" Snake Eater": (What is this - James Bond?)

"Pollyana" (inspiring!):

"Eyes on Me" (moving...):

" Gamelan" (Cirque Du Soleil - O - just listen to this whole soundtrack):

and one of the best deeply moving scores ( and there are so many):
Pi's Lullaby - from the film, "Life of Pi":

Here's to your musical journey!

Pandora- I add a bunch of stations of artists I already like then tell it to " shuffle stations " and play through at random!

Also because I am proud a music nerd, I like watching this person on YouTube called RoomieOfficial ( who is a composer and musician himself) who frequently talks about different songs that are out and analyzes them in a fun and interesting way
HI Heather! If you have a Spotify account, Discover Quickly is an EXCELLENT way to find new music genres that you may not have been aware of. Simply click [Random Genre] then mouse over the hundreds of tracks to hear excerpts. Anything you like you can favorite and add to playlists in your Spotify. I frequently get lost for hours playing with this. Cheers!
Hi Heather.
If you would like to hear Pro to amateur Music, has an incredible library of Musicians, ranging from all sorts of genres. You also get to comment on the song if you sign up for the site (Free), and if you are a music creator you can download specific loops for free as well as VST effects for your DAW.
I love getting lost in this area music and technology is always been a pleasure !