How close you are to your dreams?

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I believe most of us have some dreams and it might change as we grow and the experience we have in our life. I am wondering if you are having a dream at the moment, how close you are to your dreams? I guess the following scenarios, but you may add:


1) I achieved my dreams and looking for new ones

2) I am really close to achieve my dreams

3) I am trying but not sure how close I am

4) My dream is hard to reach


It is up to you to share your dream too.

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I think the dreams that remember me, are bits and pieces of my past lives that ive lived already! Electricity thats travels through your brain and the receptors that breaks down this energy into seeing what we've already experienced. In dreams we recognize the voices and feelings that you know these people. In my opinion we have already have actually done that! Einstein theory? Their could be more than just one of you and me! Dimensions many8)