Helping Someone to Realize a Dream

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We are having dreams and wish list and working hard to achieve them. Along the way, they are people who are helping you to achieve your dreams.


Do you have experience of someone helping you to achieve a dream? 

Have you ever helped anyone to achieve their dreams?

Will you help someone to achieve their dreams, if you have a chance to?


In case you have a story, you may share for the benefit of the community.



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Доброго время вам, благодарю вас, за ваш вопрос постараюсь ответить. Конечно есть заработать много денег. Что касается историй, то я игрю в игры на компьютере.
Я не зарабатываю. Я помогаю людям. У меня нет друзей, и я страдаю шизофренией. Все, что я хочу, это немного помощи, но у меня ее нет. Ваш ответ мне интересен.
I have a dream that my kids are left with a better future than we leave behind.

I can't afford to hope someone will help me.

I am all I have.

But I am thankful for Microsoft's opportunity for giving me a place to "matter".
Yes, every day there is at least one opportunity to help someone. Every person that you see or interact it is a version of yourself. So, helping others is in reality helping yourself.


"Do you have experience of someone helping you to achieve a dream?

Have you ever helped anyone to achieve their dreams?"

Hello, it would be great if the author shared his own story with us - we are all waiting for it, of course it will be a development of an interesting topic in the new MTC space.

Sure, I have several dreams and many stories , some of my dreams are still pending and working to achieve them but I will share story of people who helped me. I wanted to be a great speaker but I didn't have skills and expertise , I was shy and I though it is impossible for me to present for large group of audience. I get in touch with some of great presenters and they share tips , other people gave me opportunity to present and in my first presentation only 10 people attend my meeting. It was their help when I become a great presenter where I presented in front of 10000 audiences and I had a presentation in front of about 500 audience because we have only 500 sits for the event.
I am trying to help people to achieve their dreams , if I could. I have policy that I never leave a message unanswered whether it is from a new student in a university exploring opportunity to join the IT world or an IT professional asking for technical problem. If I have ability, I will do everything in my power to make sure help others to achieve their dreams but there are cases because of lack of my knowledge in area of their expertise, I could just show them their road and share them what I have learnt in my life.