Got any holiday vacation plans?




The end of the year is just around the corner, and with it comes the holiday season and some much-needed rest and relaxation time from a long year of hard work.


Some people like to escape the cold and go somewhere warm - or vice versa - while others prefer a nice staycation. I personally look forward to this time of year when I make the road-trip home to Louisiana (with my 2 cats in tow – fun times!) to see my family and eat lots of delicious Cajun food!


Do you have any vacations or traveling planned for the holidays this year? Or are you keeping things chill and relaxing at home? 



3 Replies
Just keeping it chill and relaxing at home, most likely. My parents are staying extra cautious, but definitely planning a bunch of (mostly irreverent) holiday theatre with my partner and hopefully some nice meals out!
Relax at home, surf the internet, learn new things.
I am not doing much for the holidays this year but it is my husband and I's first Christmas together so I am very excited to spend it with him.