Got a favorite board/card game?

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I live fairly close to this fantasy-tavern like board game shop/cafe. There I got this cute card game called, "Autumn Harvest Tea Dragon Society", and I absolutely love it! The art and deck building is interesting and fun to me. It's also a graphic novel, but I haven't checked it out personally, yet.


Tell me about your favorite board/card games!

(Also, my fiancé has a barely opened "Gloomhaven" in the closet… has anybody here ever gotten into a long-term board game like that one before? Got any pointers on how to go about devouring the guidebook?


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@Char_Cheesman That game looks very lovely - great art!


I played Gloomhaven for a while. The biggest issue I have with it is the setup, so it's ideal if you have somewhere dedicated you can set it up. As far as learning goes, looking up tutorials on YouTube is a great way to go. There is also another game that's kind of a more introductory version of the game called Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion that has some tutorial missions where you learn the mechanics while you play, which I'd recommend. 


As far as favorite games for me, I really like this one:

I've been playing a campaign game called "Middara: Unintentional Malum"

Some friends and I have played it every Monday for the past year now and it's essentially like playing through an anime, and it's been rather dynamic which is awesome! 

Aside from that, some of my favorite single setup games are Everdell and Villainous! 

I enjoy playing DnD with friends, we have a great time on our adventures
I'm a fan of party games and party-style board games. Party & Co is one my favorites to play with friends. They need to be simple enough to play in any state of mind, games really for bounding. Card games like Uno or casino style games also fit this description.

If we're going for a more complicated game, Risk is always up there and so is magic the gathering.
Uno for sure!