Favourite holiday foods?

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First of all, Happy thanksgiving to all our American friends.


Thanksgiving got me thinking, what is your favorite holiday food and why? (pictures are required for this answer).


I was torn on this one, I love a turkey dinner, but being from Scotland we have some lovely local dishes and I would say my favorite is a steamed pudding we have at new year. Its called a clootie dumpling. To cook it traditionally you have to mix all its ingredients together and then steam it in the clootie cloth for 3 - 4 hours. Then you take it out and sit it Infront of the fireplace before serving it with some cream, ice cream or whipped cream and of course a 'wee dram' to wash it down.




What do you like, would love to see some local dishes.




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I guess glass of Scotch is mandatory addition to it, that is Scotland. 

Usually a Whisky (no e) of some sort yes. We refer to this as a Dram

@Allen   :)

These are my best ideas for Christmas - it's really better

tastes better than it looks, I recommend it to everyone:

Top 20 Traditional Polish Christmas Foods - Chef's Pencil (chefspencil.com)

I don't think I have ever had any polish food but some of this looks tasty, is any of it spicy?


There are no spicy spicy dishes, but you can add any spicy spice to this dish:



I like bland dishes (not a spicy person!) thats why I asked :)


That's great, I invite you to Polish :)



Around our house Chanukah has begun, so the traditional holiday food is the knish. This is a Jewish rounded meat pie (or essentially a pasty) made with one of several fillings and baked in the oven.
My wife makes potato and spinach - absolutely delicious!

Later in the month we also have the traditional Festivus dinner of meatloaf and mashed potatoes, served on Dec 23rd. This is served right before the Airing of Grievances. :)



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My favorite holiday food is turkey dinner menu, but I'm intrigued by Scotland's clootie dumpling, a steamed pudding served with cream. The cost for preparing these dishes can vary, so it's worth comparing prices for the best deal.