Am I eligible to get a free tshirt?

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Hi, I wanted to know if I get a free Microsoft t shirt. I know you can get one by attending events but I am from Pakistan so there are barely any events at all. I recently completed power up program and graduated the program by submitting and having my final project approved. I have made 2 custom connectors 1 is approved yet to be deployed and the other is in deployment progress currently it’s deployed in one region and will be deployed to all by next week. I have passed 3 applied skill exams. Currently studying for pl200 exam. As evident by my learning I’m an ambitious student who enjoys the Microsoft environment. It would really boost my morale if I could be eligible to get a free t-shirt. Thanks :)

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@Developerfarhan Hello! Congrats on all your hard work.


As this is the Microsoft Tech Community website, I can confirm that the Microsoft Tech Community does not have any T-shirts or swag of any kind to offer at this time. 


While I would hope that learning this content is its own reward, feel free to reach out to and see what they have to say. 

Thank you for your reply Eric. Alas :pensive_face: I already did reach out to but did not get any word back

.......jpgHi @Developerfarhan 


Such a t-shirt is a great advertisement, cheers! Trademark and Brand Guidelines | Microsoft Legal