2022-08-25 — What's new?
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Project Bonsai

  • Bonsai now exposes all objective-specific metrics to users during assessmentsWhen training with goals, Bonsai computes objective-specific metrics that may be useful to the user in addition to the standard metrics of goal satisfaction and goal robustness. For example, metrics about the percentage of episodes the object spent in the target region for drive objectives. Previously, objective metrics were displayed during training but unavailable during assessments. To view objective metrics, navigate to the assessment reports page and use the pickers under Performance histograms to select the metrics you want to view.
  • New partner blog by Neal Analytics about their open source solution using Bonsai. Read about optimizing hospital bed allocations with reinforcement learning on the Neal Analytics blog and LinkedIn.
  • New documentation to help troubleshoot simulators. The Bonsai team recently published guides for troubleshooting unexpected restarts and halting behavior in managed simulators. 


Bonsai Connectors

  • New "Works with Bonsai" simulation partners. The following simulation platforms were recently added to the "Works with Bonsai" partner list:
    • Altair Activate (FMU)
    • FlexSim
    • Aveva Pipeline Training Simulator
    • SimPy  


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