First published on TECHNET on Apr 12, 2009

PRN: Creating, Installing, and Connecting to Printers in Windows Server 2008


This guide will help with collection of data when experiencing issue with the installation or configuration of Printers before contacting a Microsoft Support Engineer.

Scoping the Issue:

1. When did the issue start and what was the last change made to the environment?

2. What errors are seen in the Application or System Event Logs?

3. How often does the issue occur?

4. Does the issue reproduce if printing directly from the Print Server?

5. Use the Print Management Console to determine if driver is OEM or Microsoft Inbox.

6. Is there a connection issue to the physical print device?

7. If pausing the printer, send a print job, does the print job enter the queue?

Data Gathering:

1. Description of exact error and symptom and any screenshots or errors during issue

2. What is the print queue status?

3. Is this an OEM print driver? Were any print drivers updated?

4. Is there a matching Inbox driver and was it tested?

5. If this is a network printer, can we ping the address?

6. If present, collect spooler.xml and SpoolerETW.etl files located in C:\Windows\System32\spool

7. Request a link to MSDT Printing Report


1. Check the Event Logs for Print errors, find the correlating Event using the links below and follow the steps to resolve the issue

2. If an OEM driver was installed, remove it or change it to an Inbox driver using the Print Management Console

3. Confirm we can PING the address of the Printer

4. Disable any third party firewalls or Intrusion detection software

5. Send a test page by directly printing to the IP of the printer

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