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First published on TECHNET on Dec 03, 2009

Assuming you have read the last post, you are now aware that CC is moving on to greener pastures, or at least a different pasture in the same building. I will be doing my best to take up the reins of the blog and continue to deliver helpful content to the members of the AskPerf community. You may notice that this blog is a bit different than many. We don’t typically talk about what is going on with our day to day lives, nor link to other blog’s content just for the sake of filling space. We try our best to make our posts helpful to our readers, and dare I say educational. All of our posts, theoretically at least, should teach you how we troubleshoot, how to debug an issue or describe a useful tool or feature. And as always, we welcome feedback and requests for content; we don’t know what you want to see unless you tell us.

So, a bit about me:

I started at Microsoft in early 1997 doing pretty basic technical support for Windows 95 and believe it or not Windows 3.1. Early on I realized I had a bit more ambition than that, so I requested Windows NT 4.0 training so I could do something a little more challenging. Fast forward just a few years, and I had experienced time on the escalation team, web based tech support and several betas (Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP.) After working on Windows XP until it launched, I came back to the world of tech support and joined the Performance Team, and been here ever since. I must say that I have learned more in the last 13 (almost) years that I ever thought I was capable of, and am very grateful for the opportunity.

Most recently, I have been the lead for several technologies supported by the Performance Team, including application compatibility, services, COM\DCOM, shell, Task Scheduler and WMI. This has allowed me to be involved in various aspects of training and knowledge transfer, and most importantly in this context, this blog. I have had the privilege to have written the infamous Demystifying /3GB and Dude, Where’s my RAM?? posts among a few others. I have not previously had quite enough bandwidth to create as much blog content as I would like, but that will soon be changing with my new role.

As CC said in his farewell post, I too would like to thank all the engineers that have been involved with the blog and of course all of you for faithfully following AskPerf as it has evolved over the last few years. I hope the transition will be seamless, and I certainly hope I can continue to deliver the great content that CC has been so diligent in providing. And just as a heads up, due to many people being off work this month, including me, we will be taking a short hiatus for the rest of the month. Till next time..

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