First Look: Windows Vista Service Pack 2
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First published on TECHNET on Dec 02, 2008

Hello AskPerf readers!  Today’s post is being published a little later than usual. Today we are launching the Customer Preview Program (CPP) for Windows Vista Service Pack 2 to MSDN and TechNet subscribers, and we wanted to give a first look.  Windows Vista SP2 is a service pack in the traditional sense with all of the cumulative released security updates since the SP1 release in March 2008.  In addition, Windows Vista SP2 adds support for new hardware types.  However, Windows Vista SP2 is unique in that it is a single service pack that is applicable to both the client (Windows Vista) and the server (Windows Server 2008) operating systems.  Therefore, there will only be a single update to deploy in the infrastructure.

OK, so here are some of the highlights and other features:

Emerging Hardware Support

  • Bluetooth 2.1 feature pack
  • Ability to record data on Blu-Ray media
  • exFAT file system supports UTC timestamps, enabling correct file synchronization across time zones
  • Support for the new VIA 64-bit CPU
  • Support for ICCD/CCID smart cards

Other Features

  • Windows Vista SP2 includes Hyper-V technology *
  • Inclusion of Windows Search 4 for improved indexing performance, improved relevancy in search, broader indexing scenario inclusion and group policy integration for Windows Search
  • Reduction of resources required for sidebar gadgets
  • Windows Vista Feature Pack for Wireless

Additional information on Windows Vista SP2 can be found in the Notable Changes in Windows Server 2008 SP2 Beta and Windows Vista SP2 Beta document.  We expect that Windows Vista SP2 will retain compatibility with applications that currently run on Windows Vista and Windows Vista SP1 that are written using public API’s.  Finally, one important consideration is that Windows Vista SP1 is a prerequisite for SP2.

That’s all for today – see you on Friday.  Until next time …

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* To clarify, Hyper-V is not included in Windows Vista SP2, it is part of the Windows Server 2008 service pack. This means that when you install SP2 for Windows Server 2008, or if you install a slipstreamed version of Windows Server 2008 with SP2, the RTM version of the Hyper-V role will be included. Hyper-V was released after Windows Server 2008, which means that the role you currently install is a pre-release role and needs to be updated to bring it up to RTM. This update will be applied (only if necessary) automatically when you install SP2.
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