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First published on TechNet on Mar 05, 2010
Earlier this week the TechNet Wiki Beta site went live. Now instead of just providing additions to articles like you could with Community Content on MSDN and TechNet, you can create new content and edit anything to your heart’s content. Some of us think this could be rather a big deal.

Certain types of technical content may never do well on a wiki, because they need to be read-only as they are the company’s official guidance. If you are trying to use Microsoft’s best practices, for example, you may not be inclined to get that from a wiki.

But there is also content that could do well being vetted, edited, and augmented by the community. Some content stands on its own merit. You read it, you understand it, it makes sense, and it works. You don’t need to take anyone’s word for it because you can easily and safely try it out for yourself.

So sign up and give it a go. The more the merrier.

Keith Combs gives a good overview with his blog post here -

Thoughts? Drop us a comment.

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