First published on TechNet on Sep 29, 2008
There were some internal issues that prevented me from getting this out for a while, but I’m hopeful to post these weekly again now. Note that much of the content that previously would have become a KB article is now ending up on TechNet, so it is possible there will be fewer KB articles being published going forward.

These are the new articles that relate to Directory Services for 9/21-9/27:


You cannot connect to an ADAM instance in Windows Server 2003 by using the Secure Sockets Layer 3 protocol together with a certificate that is larger than 1024 bytes


The "Slow network connection time-out for user profiles" Group Policy setting does not work for a Windows Vista Service Pack 1-based or a Windows Server 2008-based client computer


File System Auditing option in the Security Templates in MMC is confusing