New Directory Services KB Articles 3/28-4/5
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First published on TechNet on Apr 09, 2009
New KB articles related to Directory Services for the week of 3/28-4/5.


Roaming user profiles are ignored if the network connection to the remote server that stores the roaming user profile is slow


On a computer that runs Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008, after you rename, delete, or move the files in a network share that is hosted on a Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008-based computer, files are still listed in the network share


IIS logging for Windows Integrated authentication


German Version of AGPM translates "State" incorrectly


The memory usage of the Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Certificate Services (Certsrv.exe) may keep increasing when third-party plug-ins are installed and certificate requests are rejected


The tracing option for Group Policy Preferences uses incorrect code in the German version of Windows Server 2008-based systems


A check box in the German edition of Windows Server 2008 was translated incorrectly from the English edition


The SYSVOL share migration from FRS to DFSR fails on Windows Server 2008 R2 Beta-based servers if a disjoint namespace is configured

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