New DFSR Data Restoration Script
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First published on TechNet on Jan 04, 2008

Hi, Ned here. Just a quick heads up - there is a new DFSR data recovery script posted below. This allows you to restore data from the ConflictAndDeleted or PreExisting folders within DFSR, primarily during disaster recovery. As always, we prefer you use your backup system to do this, as the script is 'at your own risk' and unsupported.

Updated 10/15/10

The latest script is now hosted on Code Gallery:

Update 6/12/14

Well that gallery is kaput. Now hosted from here .

This old script is really gross, I recommend instead using our new Windows PowerShell cmdlet Restore-DfsrPreservedFiles instead. You can restore from 8.1 client if you install RSAT, or from a WS2012 R2 server. Can either run locally or just map a drive to \\dfsrserver\h$ or whatever the root drive is, then restore.

Take a look at for steps on using this cmdlet.


Remember, this script must be run from a CMD prompt using cscript. Don't just double-click it.


The script also requires to edit three paths (your source files, a new destination path, and the XML manifest you are calling) . If you fail to edit those the script will exit with an error:

' Section must be operator-edited to provide valid paths

' Change path to specify location of XML Manifest
' Example 1: "C:\Data\DfsrPrivate\ConflictAndDeletedManifest.xml"
' Example 2: "C:\Data\DfsrPrivate\preexistingManifest.xml"


' Change path to specify location of source files

' Example 1: "C:\data\DfsrPrivate\ConflictAndDeleted"
' Example 2: "C:\data\DfsrPrivate\preexisting"

SourceFolder = ("C:\your_replicated_folder\DfsrPrivate\ConflictAndDeleted")

' Change path to specify output folder

OutputFolder = ("c:\your_dfsr_repair_tree")


- Ned Pyle

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