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Hello Microsoft Edge Insiders!

Ever since we first announced in December that Microsoft Edge was going to adopt the Chromium open source project for our desktop browser, we’ve been excited to begin launching our Insider community. The time has finally come, and everyone can try out the new version of the browser right now!


We want to use this opportunity to start building a close relationship with all of you. Going beyond collecting comments and reviews, we’re eager to listen and engage in active conversations with you. We believe your collective voices will help us build a better Microsoft Edge, and that’s our vision for this community.

With our recent adoption of Chromium, Microsoft Edge gets a chance to grow beyond its initial home on Windows 10. As we’ve reflected on the best ways to enable a new listening system to support other versions of Windows and platforms, we’ve realized that our goals should be based on what we want as customers, not as engineers or designers.

What would such a system look like? That’s where all of you come in. Based on the feedback you’ve graciously given us over the past few years, we know it’s important to be able to quickly and easily send us problems or suggestions from directly within the browser. You also want a way to engage meaningfully and deeply with the developers, as well as a way to get immediate support when you run into a problem that you can’t fix on your own.

Other Insider programs at Microsoft have provided good models for us to follow for our new community. However, the Microsoft Edge Insider community has one important difference: you don’t need to sign up. Just downloading and using the Microsoft Edge Canary, Dev, or Beta channels is enough.

We hope that this relationship can be beneficial for both parties. For you, this isn’t just about being a member of an active group of fellow browser enthusiasts. You also get: a chance to see new features before all the other Microsoft Edge users; an in-depth understanding of how and why we built them, a direct channel of communication with the engineers responsible for them, and the chance to critique them and suggest what we should build next. We at Microsoft get valuable early feedback, your verbal and written insights about what you do and don't like about a given feature or approach, which will help us steer the product in the right direction. The ability to dig deeper and understand the why behind the what, while learning from a large and diverse worldwide audience. Finally, through our continuing conversations, we hope Insiders will invite others in their own communities to come and join in our conversation.

welcome-graphic2.pngSo, what can you expect from us? As our new features start making their way into the builds, our goal is to publish at least one new article every other week to inform and encourage active discussions on the latest developments in the Insider channels. We are devoting some of our time to reading and responding to every thread, and you can expect direct interaction from the Microsoft Edge team that promotes the deepest, most enlightening discussions.

We’re fully committed to building an open, honest and respectful community of awesome Insiders like you. We hope you’ll join our discussions or start your own today.
Welcome to our community. We can’t wait to build a great Edge community together!


-The Microsoft Edge Team-


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Thank you for the feedback @Justin Philip! You can use either the smiley or the forums, or both. We are listening to both.

@tgienger This side of Edge seems to be full of ressources actually!

Hi @Elliot Kirk,

I tried clearing the cache in both Chrome beta ver 74 and Microsoft Edge Dev, it solved the problem in Chrome but Edge Dev still gives me the same error. the original Edge is fine though.



Love what you guys are doing! Keep up the good work, loving the new Chromium Edge! @Elliot Kirk 

@Elliot Kirk 

Hello, :)

Thanks for having the Edge Insider Forum. Good to see in real time how things are moving.

Too early for feedback, but no doubt, there will be some.


Fluent design and auto-loading of the next page are the two features that i missed from the old Edge

EDIT: The correct name for the feature is "Page prediction"

@Elliot Kirk 

I just noticed that pin to start and pin to taskbar are missing. But for some reason pin to DESKTOP!??!?!??! has been added.

@Elliot Kirk - decided to try this out as you said some promising things, but one glaring thing came out at me straight away, WHY can't you let US the end-user decide where we wish to install the browser?? - I do not wish to have my C-drive SSD loaded up with stuff all the time, space on it is precious.

@Mace242 To be honest pin to desktop is a great feature to have because I don't want to have to hunt down new apps in file explorer just to copy them to my desktop.

Not really bugs.... those features just haven't been implemented yet. @Deleted 

Thank you for letting me know. I will continue looking into this issue.
Thank you @SalmanMKC. Please keep using the new browser and let us know what you think.
No worries @Stefan Blank. I will be here when you have feedback to share.

Looking forward to the introduction of dark mode@Elliot Kirk 

@PsycOwl, Thank you for the feedback. I am not sure that I completely understand the auto-loading of the next page comment. Can you explain a little more what you are looking for?
If you were to rank them in order of importance, @Mace242, what would it look like?
Thank you for the feedback @nz-simplicity, I will forward it on to our installer team.

@Elliot Kirk 


From the moment I downloaded and installed Microsoft Edge this morning, first impressions are - this is a  totally different beast. Even at this stage the navigation, look and feel - simplicity of importing Chrome information and the quick responsiveness of web page uploads makes me feel excited about the possibilities of  Edge as a browser. I have always felt frustrated about using Windows 10, Office  but using Chrome out of necessity.  Based on my first look under the hood, think Microsoft has birthed a winner.  Looking forward to putting it through its paces. 

Annotation 2019-04-09 000132.jpg

When you scroll to bottom of the page, if there is a next page like the one in the picture, Edge preloads the next page and when you press the forward button from mouse thumb buttons, Edge goes forward to that page 

EDIT: The correct name of that feature is "page prediction"


 @Elliot Kirk 

@Mace242 I have to disagree with you on the speed. I'm finding sites are loading faster in Edge Dev than in chrome. Even Google sites like gmail are faster and smoother.