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Hello Microsoft Edge Insiders!

Ever since we first announced in December that Microsoft Edge was going to adopt the Chromium open source project for our desktop browser, we’ve been excited to begin launching our Insider community. The time has finally come, and everyone can try out the new version of the browser right now!


We want to use this opportunity to start building a close relationship with all of you. Going beyond collecting comments and reviews, we’re eager to listen and engage in active conversations with you. We believe your collective voices will help us build a better Microsoft Edge, and that’s our vision for this community.

With our recent adoption of Chromium, Microsoft Edge gets a chance to grow beyond its initial home on Windows 10. As we’ve reflected on the best ways to enable a new listening system to support other versions of Windows and platforms, we’ve realized that our goals should be based on what we want as customers, not as engineers or designers.

What would such a system look like? That’s where all of you come in. Based on the feedback you’ve graciously given us over the past few years, we know it’s important to be able to quickly and easily send us problems or suggestions from directly within the browser. You also want a way to engage meaningfully and deeply with the developers, as well as a way to get immediate support when you run into a problem that you can’t fix on your own.

Other Insider programs at Microsoft have provided good models for us to follow for our new community. However, the Microsoft Edge Insider community has one important difference: you don’t need to sign up. Just downloading and using the Microsoft Edge Canary, Dev, or Beta channels is enough.

We hope that this relationship can be beneficial for both parties. For you, this isn’t just about being a member of an active group of fellow browser enthusiasts. You also get: a chance to see new features before all the other Microsoft Edge users; an in-depth understanding of how and why we built them, a direct channel of communication with the engineers responsible for them, and the chance to critique them and suggest what we should build next. We at Microsoft get valuable early feedback, your verbal and written insights about what you do and don't like about a given feature or approach, which will help us steer the product in the right direction. The ability to dig deeper and understand the why behind the what, while learning from a large and diverse worldwide audience. Finally, through our continuing conversations, we hope Insiders will invite others in their own communities to come and join in our conversation.

welcome-graphic2.pngSo, what can you expect from us? As our new features start making their way into the builds, our goal is to publish at least one new article every other week to inform and encourage active discussions on the latest developments in the Insider channels. We are devoting some of our time to reading and responding to every thread, and you can expect direct interaction from the Microsoft Edge team that promotes the deepest, most enlightening discussions.

We’re fully committed to building an open, honest and respectful community of awesome Insiders like you. We hope you’ll join our discussions or start your own today.
Welcome to our community. We can’t wait to build a great Edge community together!


-The Microsoft Edge Team-


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Can someone enlighten me what dark mode means? Not something I have had to use!



It means that your windows & other displayed areas on your OS will be dark shades (grey to black) instead of bright white to everything everywhere.  These will show you what Dark is/means as opposed to Light & where to set the preference or choice.




@Elliot Kirk The new IE mode is looking promising, but will there be a way to switch to IE mode manually?

This would be good because some external (customer) websites require IE for the same reasons you may create a list of internal sites that require IE mode.

Maintaining a list of sites such as that would quickly become cumbersome.

@Elliot Kirk The foremost is that Chrome Web Store doesn't work (it was earlier), I don't know if it is exclusive to my installation or a universal one. Another site https://www.news18.com/livetv/ also doesn't work but does in other browsers. It severely impairs my usage of this Browser.


Hi Harindra,

Having read your note from in my E-mail I decided to try to 2 things you mention, myself:

I don't know which Channel you were using, ergo, I tried wit all 3.


The web site https://www.news18.com/livetv/ opened, loaded quickly, displayed & worked fully including, Live stream & videos in all 3 Edge Channels.

And, 2nd, the Chrome Store, opened, worked, no hesitation or issues, at all.  Just an arbitrary item I hit to test, here...

Hard for me to know or say what the cause may be to these issues for you.  I suggest you remove/uninstall the problematic Channel.  Then, go grab a fresh Download HERE.  Then, re-install Edge and report back with the results, please.  Thanks.


Hello, I am facing the same issue while installing any version of the new Edge. Did you manage to find the fix?


Thank you for reading my content.

If anybody is going to blow up any bits of this machine, it will be me.

Love the Guinevere

p.s. Thanks for believing in me.

@Elliot Kirk 

 Edge should read extensions from directory:

AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions

and install that. It is good idea.

从 目录 AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions 加载所有chrome 已经存在的插件

@Drew1903 Thank you for the feedback. Apologies for the late reply as I wasn't aware that my feedback would be available here for review & response. I have noticed that some of the problems I am facing is due to third-party extensions.

@Elliot KirkI can't get Edge Canary to connect to the internet. I've had this problem before and I don't know what's causing it. Little help?


Not stepping on Elliot's toes... but, this has me interested & curious.  Are you only running Canary?  If not, are Beta & Dev ok?  Is it just Canary that has the connectivity issue?  Canary did connect & now doesn't?  Is that correct?  Have you tried removing Canary & redoing it with a new Download?  Any changes since when it was connecting?  

And these questions & answers may help Elliot answering, also.


Hey there, @Elliot Kirk One thing I have realised is that spelling and grammar is not as good as it could be. Even though it has been set to EN GB, it still underlines text as though it is spelt incorrectly, when in fact it has been spelt correctly. This only happens when words are in bold. A useful thing with Dark mode would be to allow it to change between dark and light theme at a specific time. For example, making it change to dark from 7PM to 7AM or something like that. Just a thought, Nathan, P.S - Didn't know if I should email or post here :)

@Elliot Kirk 

Edge Canary Version 86.0.622.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit) flickers and flashes repeatedly with every web page. Not good!