Users can now sign-in and sync their favorites with Microsoft Edge on Linux!


Microsoft Edge on Linux now includes the ability to login with your Microsoft account and sync your favorites, passwords, extensions, and more! As an insider, we would love your feedback on how well this experience works for you.  Version 91.0.831.x of Microsoft Edge will be the first version to contain this feature. As of Version v91.0.838.x, this feature flag is now enabled by default! 


Enable Microsoft Sign-in and Sync 

By default, sign in and sync is disabled, but enabling it is easy. Head on over edge://flags and search for and enable the ‘MSA sign in’ experiment. 




Login with your Microsoft account and enable Sync 

Now that things are enabled, you can login. 

  1. Select the profile image in the browser taskbar.  
  2. Select Sign in on the profile dialog. 
  3. Sign-in by entering your Microsoft account details. 
    1. Note: AAD accounts are not supported yet. 
  4. Select Sync when you are asked if you want to sync your account. This syncs your favorites, passwords, and other browsing data across the devices you use with this account. 
    1. Note: Sync will take a few seconds. If you click on your profile image, the sync status is displayed. 

Now, we can see Sync is on and our favorites are available! 




We really want to hear from you! 

We are interested in hearing about your experience with the Microsoft account sign-in and sync feature. You can use Microsoft Edge’s Send Feedback tool by clicking on the profile image, or through the … menu under Help and feedback > Send feedback. Or you can leave a comment on this article. 


What if this feature causes issues with my browser? 

Given this feature is part of Edge’s DEV channel, we wanted to make sure you are well prepared for any potential issues. The mitigations listed below should be attempted from the top to bottom as they become increasingly destructive to your local data (i.e. favorites, passwords, extensions, etc.). 

  • My browser is not behaving correctly since I logged in and enabled Sync. 
    • Navigate to "Manage profile settings" (which will claim it is "Setting up sync" for your profile) and "Sign out" your account, but leave the favorites/history/etc. 
    • Navigate to edge://flags/#edge-msa-sign-on-enabled and mark the "MSA sign in" flag as "Disabled". Restart as suggested. 
  • My browser crashes when I launch it since I logged in and enabled Sync. 
    • Launch edge with: --disable-features=msOneAuthEnableMSALSignInOnLinux 
    • Navigate to edge://flags/#edge-msa-sign-on-enabled and mark the "MSA sign in" flag as "Disabled". Restart as suggested. 
    • Navigate to "Manage profile settings" (which will claim it is "Setting up sync" for your profile) and "Sign out" your account, but leave the favorites/history/etc. 
  • Disabling things as described above did not work for me. 
    • Note: This option will delete all your favorites, passwords, extensions, etc. 
    • Try deleting your Profile folder. 
      • ~/.config/microsoft-edge-dev/Profile* 
  • Deleting my Profile folder did not work for me. 
    • Note: This option will delete your local browser settings. The next time you launch the browser you will get the first run experience again. 
    • Try deleting everything. 
      • ~/.config/microsoft-edge-dev/  
      • ~/.cache/Microsoft/  
      • ~/.cache/microsoft-edge-dev/ 

Known Issues

  • Browser crash occurs if you have to login again to verify your account. 
    • As a workaround users can visit to verify their account, then restart their browser. A fix for this is being worked on to mitigate this issue.
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This is a definitely top feedback item we are investigating! No timelines as of yet but will share more details when we have them!
Es grandioso al fín llego la Sincornización puedo trabajar entre mi máquina windows y linux sin perder mis favoritos o mi historial, funciona excelente en FEDORA 33
Appears to work fine on Fedora 33. Thanks!
Does this work for Office 365 for Business?
Sync working very well.

KDE neon 5.21.3 (Wayland)
Kernel 5.4.0-70


@danhoffman wrote:
Does this work for Office 365 for Business?

Microsoft/Office 365 for business uses Azure Active Directory but Edge sync on Linux, at the moment, only supports personal Microsoft accounts.


The sync for Linux seems to be working great. But I notice something, my password for my google account was sync with the wrong password. I saved it in one of my Linux machines, and when I activate the sync in another Linux computer and the password was wrong, but this can be my fault, I don't know.
Another thing is that I have a bookmark bar, and I set some sites to show only the icon in the bar, but when I sync in other Linux machine the names are showing too. I never use Edge on Windows so I don't know if this is normal behavior.



Works like charm !


Thanks, helps me a lot, since I have steadily to switch from win to linux and vis. The new features of the edge browser are incredible. Like it !!!

Funciona bien en Microsoft Edge Insider con Fedora 34 y Gnome 40
just switched to edge on my all platforms, I was waiting for this feature for so long.
Thanks for your good work :) , tested on Arch with xfce4, work fine.
Just to be sure importing data (blank page) and importing passwords not working yet, is that expected ?

Thanks, enabled it right away for personal profile, looking forward for posibility to enable on work profile too. Running on Debian Unstable/Experimental
ARM support for Linux is something we have heard from customers but currently don't have any updates there! We'll be sure to announce anything if so. Thanks for reaching out!

@SeanLarkin I like this version, I hope I could login edge in next year, but your gas bring it to me now.

thanks. thanks for you developing speed. 

This is great, thank you. Edge can now be my default browser.

@SeanLarkin thank you for this, it really makes life easier being able to synch across the devices I use frequently. Thanks! :)

When will sync be working? That is the question...

When Microsoft, WHEN???

JP Johnston ME CSWP
Rogue Exploration Technologies | JP Parametrics
Ubuntu 20.04 | Windows 10 Dev Channel
I am noticing the same thing - my passwords do not seem to sync across devices. A new password saved on one device will never be saved on any other of my devices.