Quickly share links with yourself or others with the new share menu


People share links with family, friends, and coworkers every day, but sharing is often more complex and frustrating than it should be due to seemingly unnecessary steps and options. Today, we’re excited to share (pardon the pun) what we’re doing to improve this experience with the new share menu in Microsoft Edge.


Share to Outlook, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and more

With the new share menu, it’s easy to share links via your favorite services, from email to social networks. Best of all, you don’t need to install an app or set up anything for it to work. Simply select a service to open the site in a new tab, making it easy to quickly add some thoughts, tag a friend, or select a private group to share with. The initial list of supported services includes Outlook, Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, and we will continue to add additional services in the coming weeks and months. To start sharing, open the Settings and More menu (Menu.png) and select Share.




Want to share a link via an app on your computer or to a nearby device? Just select More sharing options to open the native share menu on Windows or macOS. You can also share to your default email client using the Default mail app button as well.


Share with yourself

We’ve also heard that sharing isn’t just for sending content to other people. Sometimes you just need to send something to yourself so you can refer back to it later. Email is a very common way of doing this, but many users often admit to feeling embarrassed about sending themselves an email rather than using more efficient tools. We want to embrace this in Microsoft Edge and help you be more productive no matter what organizational system you use.


To share with yourself, you can add one or more Outlook or Gmail accounts in the Email to myself section. Once you’ve selected a service and entered your email address, clicking on the account will instantly compose a new email and pre-populate your account in the To line—all you need to do is click send. We hope this will save you time and help you remember something later in just a few clicks.




This is just the beginning of our journey to make sharing faster and easier than ever in Microsoft Edge. The new Share menu is currently rolling out to users in the Canary and Dev channels. In the next few days, we'll also be adding a Microsoft Edge share menu flag in Canary for those of you who don't want to wait.


Please let us know what you think of the new share menu in the comments below, as well as via the in-app feedback tool. Have a favorite service you’d like us to support? We’d love to hear that as well. Happy sharing!


William Devereux, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Edge

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@William Devereux please, add a shortcut to Your Phone app.

Would love it if we could share directly into Microsoft To Do. Sure, cutting/pasting a URL doesn't take too long, but being able to share into To Do (as you can on Android phone) would be a boon!

I am very pleased to see this improvement. I campaigned at the very start of the new Edge journey for the original Share button to be included on the toolbar, which is particularly used by my older clients. These enhancements make Edge even better.

@William Devereux 

I miss my only one of chat and MS-internal App "Skype" 


The share items need to be customisable. That is, add/remove items and change the display order of the items. Also, 'Your Phone' and 'Send page to your devices' should be added as share choices.

@William Devereux I really want a share to "Teams", can't see how to set this in Windows either, it seems a no brainer to put this in, as Teams is designed for sharing.
We really need to be able to customise this panel, as said before, why waste space with Facebook as an entry?

@gweather yes this, and the right-click menu too

Absolutely. That is something, what I'm missing for ages, too.

@William Devereux I use this is a professional setting. Having "Check this out" added to the Subject line isn't professional.

I use "Share" at least a hundred times a day (literally). I would like the ability to right-click on a link and share that link.

Use Case: In Dev Ops Azure I have a query that returns a list of Tasks. If I want to email someone about a task, I have to open the task in a separate tab, then share that tab. This becomes much more fluid if I could "share a link". (I would still want the shared link to include the page title).
Taiwoben mentioned the Right Click Menu... I finally read the Edge Insiders blog about sharing / sending to another device and discovered it said to just right-click on the page to do it. I'd been trying to do with through Share and couldn't make any sense of what was in Share--especially compared to what the blog had articulated as capabilities. Once I right-clicked, it was surprisingly easy.

Is there a way to make all sharing that easy? "Share with..." becomes the sharing version of "Open with..." but with the customizability you mentioned would be coming. It would be great to have a single Windows-wide sharing framework!
I use two services more than all, and they are Instagram and Telegram.
Please add these two super popular services too.

And thanks for helping Chrome by these features ;):rose:
Please add share to Teams
Please add share to Skype
It has been five months now, and I can't share to Telegram.
Please add share to Telegram

Is there a way to completely disable the Windows Share dialog? I don't like it and would prefer to not see it at all so I stop trying to find a way to like it.

@William Devereux Is there a way to modify the default subject when using the share feature? The default subject is tagged with "Check this out". I would like to change it to something else. Is there some registry key where this tag is stored?



@William Devereux 

When I try to share to Twitter it open a windows with a tweet box but the tweet box is empty. 

At least the Share button connects to different platforms. Chat and messaging is so polarised across the Internet these days. My older clients are often confused as to where messages have come from. A return to they heyday of MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger allowing contacts to chat to each other without the need for using the apps separately would be amazing. Microsoft has too many chat platforms itself! I believe Meta started the downfall!