Now, autofill your saved passwords from Microsoft Edge on your phone!



Greetings Insiders!


We’re excited to announce that you can now autofill passwords saved in Microsoft Edge under your Microsoft account on your mobile devices as well! We’d heard from Microsoft Edge users that not being able to autofill their passwords when browsing apps and sites on mobile was a hassle. This is now solved with the latest release of the Microsoft Authenticator app. You can now set Microsoft Authenticator as the default autofill provider both on iOS and Android, and sync passwords saved under your Microsoft account on Microsoft Edge to the Authenticator app. This feature is in Preview, and we’d love for you to try it and provide your feedback!


Here’s a sneak peek of autofill experience on Android. Similar experience exists for iOS.


      When you visit a site or app for which you have saved a password, Authenticator offers to autofill it.



Authenticator prompts you to save your password when you visit an app and enter your password on the login page.


Getting started:

To use the autofill feature and sync passwords, use your Microsoft account (Outlook, Hotmail, etc.) and follow these simple steps. We’ve provided Android screenshots below – the feature is available both on iOS and Android.


  1. Open the Microsoft Authenticator app, go to Settings -> Beta -> Autofill, and turn the toggle ON.




  1. Then, go to Passwords tab, and sign-in using your Microsoft account or sync passwords from a Microsoft account already added to Authenticator app.

Note: If you are already using autofill on Microsoft Edge with a Microsoft account, we recommend signing into Passwords tab inside Authenticator app with the same Microsoft account. This will ensure your autofill data stays in sync between Microsoft Edge and your mobile device.





  1. Finally, make Authenticator the default autofill provider on your phone. There are in-app nudges and app settings that will guide you to set Authenticator as the autofill provider (Android app settings screenshot provided below). You can also follow these instructions.
    • iOS: Open device Settings -> Search for “Autofill Passwords” -> Click on “Autofill Passwords” -> Select “Authenticator”.
    • Android: Open device Settings -> Search for “Autofill” -> Select “Auto-fill service” -> Click on “Auto-fill service” on next screen -> Select “Authenticator”.



  1. If you also browse on Google Chrome on desktop, you can sync and autofill the same passwords using our Chrome Extension.




Autofill experience is rolling out in Authenticator app on iOS (iOS 12.0 and above) and Android (Android 6.0 and above). Autofill feature using Microsoft Authenticator is currently in Preview and has not been enabled for all organizations or account types. If the “Autofill” toggle in Settings is grayed out for you, it is likely because you also use Authenticator app with your work account. You can use this feature on a device where your work account is not added. Organizations can contact us via their support channel contact to enable this feature. For more details, please check out the Preview launch announcement from Microsoft Authenticator here and the Microsoft Authenticator FAQs page.


We look forward to your feedback!


Sanjay Joshi

Senior Program Manager

Microsoft Mobile Experiences Team

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Thanks a ton for delivering this feature! I always wanted autofill for my apps and am so glad to use it. Thanks a lot :)

This is awesome, thank you!
the Chrome extension is also great, letting folks on Google chrome to sync their passwords.

@Sanjay_Joshi I have been looking forward for this feature. I even recommended this on the uservoice page. Thanks a lot

Do you have to have the authenicator app for this to work and have a school/work acoutn?

@Deleted - thanks for your interest in the feature!  Yes - you'll need to install the Microsoft Authenticator app (available both on iOS and Android). You don't need a work or school account to use this feature - it currently works only with Microsoft accounts (e.g.,,

Nice! Are you working to get iOS typing suggestions flyout to work for every typed area. Like anywhere you would type??? Also is this going to get autofill for passowrds on iOS native wihtout needing to download that app?

@Sanjay_Joshi This is great news, something I hoped would happen so thank you!!


Will there be an option to import autofill information from our Google accounts on Android devices?

Yeah, it is very good. Seen tons of threads of people wnating stuff to sync between Edge and Chrome. So if you sync the passowrds from chorme to edge, does edge sync the passowrd as well? How does that all work.


I'm using it on my phone and I'm loving it. I'm also having some problems with the battery, but that's okay, assuming the Autofill is on Beta yet (I already sent the feedback), but unfortunatelly I can't send the screenshot of the system advice)


I hope the Samsung add native support to the Authenticator on Samsung Internet and the Android 8+ API. Microsoft might as well lend a hand in this.


@Deleted wrote:
Yeah, it is very good. Seen tons of threads of people wnating stuff to sync between Edge and Chrome. So if you sync the passowrds from chorme to edge, does edge sync the passowrd as well? How does that all work.

no, I've tried it and also haven't seen anywhere mentioning a 2-way sync. i.e you can only bring your passwords from Chrome to Edge/Microsoft  Authenticator. Not the other way around, no data goes to Chrome, fortunately.



As a side note, I could not find this on the MS Authenticator app, but once I installed the Authenticator (BETA) app, it was there. So for those that are not finding it, sign up for Beta and then it will show up...



This is very valuable feature , especially when mobile device of user have been stolen and it has all saved password on it and they always had trouble to recover them back.


@Reza_Ameri-Archived wrote:

This is very valuable feature , especially when mobile device of user have been stolen and it has all saved password on it and they always had trouble to recover them back.

Not really.

before this, people usually use Android's built in password manager which is connected to Chrome or IOS's own credential manager which is tied to Safari and other services. 

nobody loses their passwords.


of course this feature has many advantages but the one you mentioned is not one of them because it was already possible, even with Edge.

@Deleted Thank you Shawn for the idea. You'll need the Authenticator app for getting passwords on your iOS device. We don't have immediate plans for typing suggestions flyout but definitely something we're thinking about.

@vctgomes Thanks for trying out the feature! You can autofill on Samsung Internet. On your Android device, open Authenticator app and go to Settings -> Autofill settings -> turn ON the "Autofill on more apps and sites" toggle. This turns on Accessibility framework which can autofill on Samsung Internet. However, accessibility framework does drain battery, so you may find your battery is affected more. Please let us know if you have any feedback!

It's working well here, except for the battery drain, so I've turned the accessibility mode off.

In Samsung Internet, even with the "Autofill on more apps and sites" don't allow me save passwords, but I know it's a Samsung limitations and not the Authenticator.

A cool thing that exist on LastPass is the toggle on notifications panel (where is the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth icons). With this toggle, I can trigger a "little LastPass" everywhere, even if the app is closed, saving battery as well. I think it'd be welcome on MS Autofill.

I think the request to be added to the exception list of battery saving features, is so that the app can be able to show on-time notifications for approving/denying requests when signing in with Microsoft account. the password-less feature. so i think the app needs to maintain a minimal internet connectivity with the server at all times to be able to deliver those notifications on time. most Android phones, when they see an app is being idle (as they think), they shut down the background processes.

although it differs from brand to brand.

I use Android 9 phone (not Samsung)


hhmm, Is this supposed to sync all my passwords from my other devices, like the ones that are saved on this pc in edge? Or on edge that is on my phone that are all signed in with the same MS account? If so, it is not working. Keeps saying "sync in progress" but nothing is showing up on the password screen, except those I currently might use since allowing this app...


@Dennis5mile I have seen this same syncing in progress issue. If I close the Authenticator app completely from the android screen and then start it again, the passwords show up and are already synced.