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Hi all,

    We published another blog post  this morning.  This new post is all about the protections we have added into the new Microsoft Edge browser that will help protect you from potential malware and other unwanted applications.  Please take some time and read about how to enable this new protection, and how to let us know if the application is reputable.  Thanks, Elliot


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Thank you for the post, this is very useful feature. However let say user is using Windows Defender and enable PUA protection in Windows Defender, I guess in this case it should override this option in Microsoft Edge and makes it enable. So let say user is downloading something and SmartScreen filter allow it (since PUA) is off in Edge and Windows Defender detects it because PUA is on in Windows Defender and it cause confusion. I believe there should be some sort of sync between PUA on/off between Microsoft Edge and Windows Defender.
However, enable PUA in Windows Defender is not using direct UI, therefore there is need to request to add GUI in Windows Defender in Windows 10 for PUA too.
There is a sync, between Edge stable and Windows Defender. latest Windows 10

@Elliot Kirk 


Great feature. As far as real world testing goes, I have seen no alerts with this enabled. However, I do get PUP alerts from Malwarebytes. In the sequential scheme of things, Malwarebytes may well be intervening and triggering the alert before Edge picks up on it. A recent real world example was my trying to find a clean copy of ImgBurn. Malwarebytes triggered the alert on 5 different (relatively mainstream) download sites before I finally found a clean copy.

I had to turn it off. I have Malwarebytes which does this for me. I tried to D/L an app from the Knowbe4 group and the Edge tool would not permit it and even when selecting to allow it. No Joy!@Elliot Kirk