New blog post on performance improvements in Microsoft Edge 81


Hi All,

                We posted a new blog article today that talks about some of the optimizations we have made in Microsoft Edge 81.  Swing over to the blog site, and read more about it, then swing on back and let us know if you are seeing improvements, or have comments.

Thanks – Elliot

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Are you still having buffering issue on Edge 86?
because this topic is old and talking about Edge 81.

@HotCakeXThe Buffering problem I am seeing has to do with streaming videos, ewtube, and other types of live videos like Vimeo. I am convinced mine are being censored by Xfinity. BUT yes with 300Mbs D/L speed I can't stream vids without buffering. I have investigated any background work going on, including crypto mining, and see nothing there to inhibit them. I will drop from full resolution to down to 360 to 180 and finally it will just drop out to the rotating symbol for buffering and I will have to refresh the page to get it working again.

Do you only have this problem on Edge?
are you tried disabling your extensions?

@HotCakeX I will try it W/O extensions, BUT it also happens on my Smart TV. That has only rudimentary OS and Browser, NO EXTENSIONS!

Then the problem is not from Edge. try calling your ISP, their support should be able to help you.

@HotCakeX I agree that is why I accused the corrupt Xfinity. and THEY WON'T HELP.

**bleep**, well when your subscription finishes with them, don't recharge, get cable from a different company