New blog post on performance improvements in Microsoft Edge 81


Hi All,

                We posted a new blog article today that talks about some of the optimizations we have made in Microsoft Edge 81.  Swing over to the blog site, and read more about it, then swing on back and let us know if you are seeing improvements, or have comments.

Thanks – Elliot

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The benchmark data looks promising. hope Edge will stay one step ahead from all other browsers, specially Chrome.

@Elliot Kirk 

1st gen Surface Laptop i5 4GB RAM, I did it 7 times


Edge "stable" v80.0.361.50 

1st run: 65.9

2nd run: 69.03

3rd run: 69.7

4th run: 69.99

5th run: 69.69

6th run: 69.5

7th run: 70.13




Dev v81.0.416.3

1st run: 71.7

2nd run: 79.9

3rd run: 80.4

4th run: 82.68

5th run: 82.43

6th run: 82.37

7th run: 82.7




@Elliot Kirk I have Canary 82.0.423.0 on a Surface Pro X, results are in the 36-38 range using the benchmarking software. I know that ARM is a very small sliver of the overall market, but when are we going to start seeing some love? Or is the benchmarking software off on ARM?





Hi @tboggs, are you running the native Arm64 version of the x86 version.  You should see a good bit of performance gain going from the x86 to the native client.  Thanks - Elliot

I was also informed that we have enabled some of the optimizations on the ARM64 builds, so you should stick with it.  you will see some gains, but probably not as much as on x64.

@Elliot Kirk 


The current Edge Dev release is certainly the winner for me!

Edge Dev 81.0.416.6 (64 Bit) - Mean 137.1

Edge 80.0.361.54 (64 bit) - Mean 117.0

Firefox 73.0 (64 bit) - Mean 98.0

@Elliot Kirk I got 58~ on beta and 45 on canary. Something aint right :p
Jquery was very slow I noticed as well.

Oh, turning off dark reader gave me 133.3.
But I like making all things dark. Guess I'm stuck with a slow web :\

good improvement@Elliot Kirk 

@Elliot Kirk 


Just wondering if these performance improvements should be noticeable on macOS as well, I wasn't sure based on the post description talking about the Windows 10 version.

@Elliot Kirk Its definitely faster than it used to be. On battery saving power modes, the speed was reduced drastically. I ran each one 3 times and restarted the browser every time I changed power modes.

Best Battery(power saving mode):



Better Battery:




Better performance:




Best performance:


Best performance plugged in


So it basically measures how good the browser can utilize CPU.
the better your CPU, the more score you get, otherwise why should the scores change that much with different power saving modes.


Thanks for doing the testing of different performance modes. Thought that plugged in Better performance and Best performance would have been closer/the same. Changing my plugged in laptop to this mode now.

@Pylot_Light, I understand the call to the Dark Side.  I am glad that you can speed things up if you need to though! - Elliot

I just got version 82. Really fast results on the Speedometer site. Normally I use Vivaldi and get around 110. Now 137 with Edge. 

Screenshot 2020-02-24 19.46.00.jpg

@Elliot Kirk 

It looks like an opposite event and my results to speedometer 2.0 are nowhere consistent with the rest of the world. could be my Machine, My Internet, VPN? But everything is different on my Machine!

Version 80.0.361.62 (Official build) (64-bit) -108.x


Version 82.0.432.3 (Official build) dev (64-bit) -102.x


@esarhaddon It could be all 3 of those things. Cheaper computers will be slower. VPNs create latency in the network, and faster networks will give better results than slower ones.

Hi @esarhaddon, it is also important to turn off, or disable all extensions.  These can make a huge difference to the speed of the browser.  Just look at what @Pylot_Light saw in their posts above. Thanks - Elliot



I have noticed that uBlock Origin has been cutting down on my speedometer 2.0 numbers, but only in edge. I haven't encountered the same differences in other browsers like Vivaldi or Brave. And this was using either version of uBlock Origin - the one on the Microsoft store or the one from the Chrome store.

@cjc2112 I would encourage you to ask what a person is using before you make comments about cheap computers. I had an Asus Z390e gamer with 32 gig Gskill DDR4-3600 and 3 M.2 NVME drive with 300 MBbs D/l internet. NOw I have an ASUS Z490e Gamer with the same other components as above and for some stupid reason, I don't think this is cheap junk!

Even with My VPN, I am running in excess of 180 Mbs D/L speeds and in excess of 300Mbs W/O and you are telling me that you have stated something relevant as to why I can't stream videos W/O buffering?