Microsoft Edge now available for macOS


This morning we published the first builds of our Microsoft Edge browser built for macOS.  You can read our full blog post about it here.  Then download it, if you are running a Mac, and then come back here and tell us what you think.

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I can't install extensions from Edge Store, but I can use extensions from Chrome Web Store. Please fix it. It seems that Edge Store is only available for Windows 10, not for macOS.

Can confirm is syncing just fine for me, so appears fixed! 8)

Also noticed they enabled syncing of Settings, so a nice two-in-one update. Thank you (and the Sync team) :thumbs_up:

Question to anyone that can answer- are there detailed release notes for each daily build? I'd be interested to see what changes from day-to-day.


That would only apply to Canary.  And would be nice, but, no there is not.

There is sort of one following the wkly updates to Dev.


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It is, also, going to (future tense) support Linux.



"I can't remember the last time I used a Microsoft browser on the Mac! "

Did you or would you have ever (before)?  Maybe, why you can't recall.


@Elliot Kirk So far, my experience with the  Microsoft Edge (Canary) for masOS has been great. Apparently, it is not fully complete functionality wise, but it is fast, energy efficient, works with all the sites that I have been testing.


I prefer Edge to Chrome, Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, and Firefox, not to mention the stock Apple Safari (which I hate because of too many gimmicks).

I'm very impressed with Microsoft Edge (Developer) running on MacOS. It's fast, stable and intuitive. I can see this quickly replacing Safari as my default browser. Great job Edge Team! Please keep up the excellent work.
is it true that you are planning to bring IE11 mode to new edge under macosx?
When it will be available?

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Right now, I’m pretty impressed with Edge for macOS. It is stable, responsive, and heading in the right direction. Edge didn’t last long on my iPad, but this implementation might move me and my school from Chrome.


From my limited testing, Edge seems to use less RAM, but perhaps more CPU cycles. (It isn’t an entirely fair comparison, Edge 76 vs Chrome 74, but still…)


Even though you will continue to “expand dark mode next week,” your implementation is already better than some browsers, namely Google Chrome.


I wonder if web pages will be able to override dark mode when your implementation is finished. For example, the Google Doc where I’m writing this still has white contextual menus.


Question 01: Is the grammar tool accessible via the macOS version of Microsoft Edge Canary? Reading this article, I cannot seem to make it work. Honestly, that is (will be) a compelling reason to use Edge in the education market.


Question 02: What are the hardware and software requirements for MS Edge for macOS?


Question 03: Google is killing off some (if not most or all) of the ad-blocking features in Chrome. Is Microsoft Edge going to go the same route?

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Cool, awesome man. Is there an estimate on when it will come out for windows 7, windows 8, and windows 8.1?

Just now!

The Canary channel is now avalible for all supported platforms, but not just that, the Dev channel is now avalible for macOS!

You can download them here:


Dev/Canary for Windows 10:


Canary for Windows 8.1:


Canary for Windows 8:


Canary for Windows 7:


Dev/Canary for macOS:

@Elliot Kirk Apparently installing Edge DEV on macOS also installs Microsoft AutoUpdate and at some point launches an unexpected pop-up window about a Required Data Notice.


I installed Edge DEV on my macOS Mojave v10.14.5 on 7/3/2019. Edge DEV has indicated it has updated itself on a couple launches but this morning (7/19/2019) I found this pop-up window dialog from a process called Microsoft AutoUpdate displaying a Required Data Notice that has a Learn More link and an OK button.




Edge DEV was not running at this point.


Clicking the Learn More link takes you to: Essential services for Office but there is nothing in this article about Edge DEV being part of the Microsoft Office universe...


According to Activity Monitor, this Microsoft AutoUpdate PID is pegging percent CPU in the high 90% range, using around 45.3 MB of real memory. Activity Monitor sampling suggests this is Microsoft AutoUpdate version (4.13 - 4.13.19071800).


The only Microsoft applications I have installed on my mac are Microsoft Remote Desktop, currently  v10.2.13 (1593) which I've been using for several years and now Edge DEV. I have never seen this Microsoft AutoUpdate until this morning and as I mentioned above there is no reference to EdgeDEV or Microsoft Remote Desktop in that Learn More link about essential services.


Since Edge DEV was my likely culprit, I fired up the macOS system report and went to the Software > Installations section which shows that, indeed, I installed Edge DEV on 7/3/2019 _and_ Microsoft AutoUpdate was also installed on 7/3/2019.




There is also a second entry for Microsoft AutoUpdate for this morning (7/19/2019) but you can see from the attached screenshot that the system report is not capturing the Microsoft AutoUpdate version string in the version column which is also true for Microsoft Edge DEV although the Software Name column is reflecting that I have Microsoft Edge Dev Update installed. 


I have not been keeping an eye on the version string so I don't know what I started with and what has changed. The macOS system report suggests you aren't installing Edge DEV on macOS in such a way that the version installation is captured the way it should be. E.g. a new row with relevant installation date and version string in the version column.


Based on what I found with Activity Monitor process sampling, there is a version string available for Microsoft AutoUpdate so you guys should be able to have the macOS system installation auditing include the missing version string.


I suggest specifically pointing this issue out clearly during Microsoft Edge for macOS installation so folks are not surprised at seeing this suddenly appear one day. Fixing the macOS system report software installations information thread would be helpful too so there is less mystery surrounding this process.


Searching the web for macOS and Microsoft AutoUpdate yields a bunch of unpleasant results, one in particular claiming Microsoft AutoUpdate is a trojan and earnestly trying to convince you to download and install their recommended clean up program - sigh....


EDIT: After posting this I went ahead and clicked OK on the Microsoft AutoUpdate window and then launched Edge which opened a tab showing that I had been updated to Edge, build which does not match what my system report says I have installed and so far at least, my system report has not updated to indicate any change to what it was already showing for Microsoft Edge:





Working great so far, way less resources then the other browsers I am using, seems very fast for general browsing and good for video/audio streaming.


Found a small bug so far, the 'Save' button when editing bookmarks does not work. If I Press the 'enter' key to save the change it take but if I press save the url looks like it changes but when I click the bookmark it opens the old URL. I was able to recreate this over and over. @Elliot Kirk 

Did you know that there is a Beta channel out now?

Going to the Insider website, the Beta channel is now available!


Beta Edge.jpg

Yes, Michael, it was released today (Tuesday).  It can be accessed HERE.

I have Mac OS10.105 Yosemite. I need Microsoft Edge in order to complete an online application for Federal Disaster Loan Assistance. Is there a version of ME that works with Mac 10.10.5 ?

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Hello Edward

Of course there is a version for windows 7 and 8.1, you just have to download it normally on the official page.



Which version of Microsoft Edge works with Mac OS10.10.5 Yosemite? I couldn't get version 79, 81, 83 or (I think) 84 to work with my Mac.
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@Elliot Kirk  Is there any projected date to enable extension syncing for MS Edge? I have recently started using it on a Mac.

Is there for mac os 10.11.6