Microsoft Edge Insiders Community Guidelines

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Be respectful to Microsoft employees, Microsoft Valued Professionals (MVPs), moderators, and the other members of this community. Disrespectful behaviors include condescension, microaggressions, disrespectful language (being rude, insulting, berating, or commenting upon anything personal), etc.. 


Low quality or low effort posts, clickbait titles, and reposts are not allowed and will be removed. Topics with little discussion merit are considered low quality and may be removed. It is good etiquette to use the forum search feature for active discussions before posting a new topic.


Do not "bump" or double post in a topic unnecessarily or more than once in 48 hours. If you do this it will result in the bump post being deleted. Additionally, do not revive old threads. Instead of replying to an inactive conversation that was an issue in the past, create a new thread.


Post your comments, opinions, and ideas in a constructive and respectful way. Don’t be afraid to hop in and add to a conversation. Introduce yourself, meet people. If you think someone is wrong it may be because they are new; don't jump on them, but try to be tactful and civil. Please do not try and provoke anyone into a fight. This includes following people to different sections of these forums and replying to them to fuel rivalry or continuing a discussion after it has gone downhill.


Remember that most of the members on this forum are not employees or in any way affiliated with Microsoft Corporation, but are in fact unpaid volunteers who donate hours of their time to provide information and assistance out of the goodness of their hearts. If they are unable to help you, please Contact Insider Support.


You should not post your or anyone else’s personal information on these forums including email or physical addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, or sensitive log-in information. Furthermore, if any user asks you for any of the information detailed above, do not provide it and please immediately report the message to the moderators using the report feature. To report a message on these forums asking for your personal information, please click the down arrow in the top right of a comment box and select Report inappropriate content. If you need to share logs to troubleshoot further with the Microsoft employees or the MVPs, ensure that all personal information is stripped before sharing.


Please do not start a thread in one forum then cross-post in another forum to increase your chances for a quick reply. If you mistakenly post in the wrong forum, don't worry, the moderators will be more than happy to move your post to the appropriate forum. Additionally, please post issues that you yourself are experiencing, not something you see someone else is experiencing; this ensures the community member who is experiencing the issue can get the direct help they are looking for.


Do not use any posting style that is disruptive and/or disrespectful, such as posting in ALL CAPS, l337speak, oVeRuSeD mEmEs, off topic banter/phrases, etc..


Please do not discuss or post links to any topic that could violate the Terms of Use. Attempting to manipulate the forums, or other community features including ranking and reputation systems, by violating any of the provisions of this Code of Conduct, colluding with others on voting, or using multiple profiles, may result in a temporary or permanent suspension from these forums.


These guidelines are considered a warning. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in a temporary or permanent ban from the community. If you have an issue with a moderator action taken on these forums, please reach out to an employee or moderator privately. Do not repost content a moderator has removed or locked, remove a post edited by a moderator, or post about forum moderation decisions.

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