Microsoft Edge and Chromium Open Source: Our Intent


Hear directly from the engineers of Edge on the importance of Open Source Software at Microsoft.


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This is all well and good but if you are doing things like this at the expense of a unified eco system (new edge just looks like another chromium browser and have very little to recommend it above Brave or Vivaldi or even Chrome for that matter) where you feel that all your applications are written and managed by the same people then what is the point? You could look at old Edge alongside pertty much anything in Windows 10, (even the calculator!) and get the feeling and idea that they belonged together. New edge simply doesn't fit.

@Mace242I loved the old Edge. With the exception of being able to use Shudder through the browser, I haven't found any place in which this Chromium version is better. In fact, I actually find some things noticeably worse, such as how favorites are handled and the overall aesthetic. If there aren't some massive improvements, I may end up switching back to Firefox when the regular version of Edge goes away.

@Elliot Kirk,

Is anywhere canary changelog? I would like to see what's new

According to your measurement, FF is faster than Chrome: So please describe: who and why choose Chrome, not FF? I cannot understood your choice.