Microsoft Edge Add-ons | Tell us more about your experience with browser extensions





Hello, browser extension developers! 


Your continual, uninhibited inputs on the positives and challenges encountered with your browser extension journey has always helped us understand where Microsoft Edge Add-ons could improve. In that effort, we aim to better comprehend how you engage with extension stores and the various factors influencing your journey with extensions development. 


We want you to be vocal again, to support you with more features. 


Could you please spare some time to participate in a 5-minute survey? 




The survey is designed specifically to gain further information on your extension development journey and discern your experience with the available features. 


This would help us support you better in your journey around extensions.  Your insights are immensely helpful to us, in launching new updates to Microsoft Edge Add-ons. We appreciate your effort & look forward to growing together.

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