Microsoft Edge Add-ons | NEW Feature to manage user reviews on your extension





Microsoft Partner Center now includes a Reviews dashboard. This feature brings a crucial change to help manage your Microsoft Edge extension product page.




This update enables you to view and engage with the user reviews. You can thank your extension’s users for positive feedback or respond appropriately to any comments.


Your response to a review appears under the respective review on the product detail page of your Microsoft Edge add-on.


Go to Partner Center to try out the Reviews feature!  

Share your feedback and questions about this new feature with the Microsoft Edge Add-ons Team in the comments below or on the GitHub community's Discussion topic.

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Thank you for sharing, this is a great way to improve third-party products and useful for users to make a wise decision.


Yes, the software provider will get feedback immediately and will be able to directly respond to feedback , ( but this is very rarely used ).

Many users provide non-constructive feedback, but reasoned feedback should get a response from the developers (Microsoft Partners)

Thank you 

per post.



The transparency of every extension would be great to increase the trust of the public in each extension and also the developers will listen to every user's suggestions! Great job, Microsoft!