Introducing Shopping with Microsoft Edge



Holiday season is quickly approaching and this year many of us will be shopping online more than ever before. Today, we’re excited to share some new features built into Microsoft Edge that we hope will help you save time and money these holidays.


Coupons are a great way to save money, but they often require a lot of work to find the right ones at the right time. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new coupons feature in Microsoft Edge (starting in build 86.0.622.61), which we hope will make it faster and easier to save money with built-in coupons. When you visit a retailer site, Microsoft Edge will alert you if there are any coupons available for that site. You can view the list of coupons at any time by clicking on the blue shopping tag in the address bar. At checkout, you can copy and paste a code or Microsoft Edge can automatically try them all to determine which one will save you the most. 



Last month, we unveiled price comparison in Collections to help you find the best price online. Now we’re launching our next step, a proactive price comparison experience that meets you where you shop. When you’re shopping, Microsoft Edge will check prices at competing retailers to let you know if a lower price is available elsewhere. Click the blue price tag to see a list of prices along with direct links to the product page on those sites. If you already have the lowest price, Microsoft Edge will let you know too, saving your time and energy. Price comparisons is now rolling out in Insider channels.


MVP - Comparisons - PDP 1.2.png

This is just the beginning for shopping experiences on Microsoft Edge, and we’d love to hear what you think of them so far! Please send us feedback (“…” menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback) if something isn’t working right. If you’d like to manage your settings, go to edge://settings/privacy and look for “Save time and money with Shopping in Microsoft Edge”. And if there’s a shopping feature you’d like to see added to Microsoft Edge, we’re excited to hear that too.


- Mark Shelton, Program Manager, Microsoft Edge

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I'm on 87.0.664.30 (Official build) beta (64-bit) and it isn't showing up as an option. Is this still rolling out?

Yes, it is still rolling out. If you don't have it now, you should have it within the next couple of weeks. It may also take a few restarts of your browser to activate the feature. Glad you're excited to use the feature!


It is very valuable feature , especially because due to COVID-19 there are people who are not in good financial situation and showing ways to save would be great benefit for them. I noticed this feature working well with U.S. website and is not fully localized for all countries. I believe it would be nice to expand it more and make it more localize. 

In case we want to introduce promotion website , then shall we send them through Feedback or is there any special website? And some websites where contains promotion , might ask how can we join your list?

Glad you're so excited about this feature, Reza! We're currently primarily supporting US shopping websites, but it's good to hear that you would like us to expand our coverage. I encourage you to send Feedback with feature requests and bugs. As for adding promotions, Microsoft works with our partners on popular affiliate networks to provide deals and coupons. You can participate in those networks to promote your content to various publishers.
Many thanks for the reply.

@markshelton I would love to have that feature in the Canadian market. I do see coupons shown on dell but I think that is a bug. Since it is from and only us markets have it. Please fix taht. 

Please add Canadian retailers as wel. Thank you for the best browser :)

Thanks! Great to hear that you'd like us to support more international domains! It would be helpful if you could send feedback through your browser (“…” menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback) next time you visit For that site, I think the coupons might actually work across regions, but it would be great to get to know a little more about your specific use-case.
Yes I did send feedback. Eric from insider support said that it is probably dell redirected me from the us site and it is giving me US codes. Well, first of all, teh codes it gives me are not valid.

It would be nice if you have a testing channel for outside us when doing features.

Well it would be nice to have all regions like Honey for coupon finder. I think the old edge had coupon finder as well. Well, it could save alot of money and it woud lsave time insitead of uisng a not or so priavcy extenstion for coupons. It would be nice to compare prices and see what to get for someone's birthday or christmas present probably. A wish list woudl eb a nice feature. A more section for the coupon finder in priavyc, it is kidna hidden. Well it says US only , so why I am getting coupons. The feature shouldnt ;be released to me .
I have send hundreds of feedback and been using Edge since Grade 9, last year in teh old edge to the new one. All through the beta as well. Have a great day!
You're quite right, I found the feedback you submitted about Thank you for doing that and sorry for missing it earlier! Also thank you for the feature suggestions in your post above. We really appreciate you helping us build an even better browser :)
HI Mark, you're welcome for all the feedback. I did send feedback on the invalid stuff. Yes, I think Eric from support sent it to teh devs to fix since it is US only. I hope that it will come to Canada soon!! For the holidays and stuff.
@Deleted What about all countries?
Yes, all countries
Want to see taht as well :)
@Deleted Yes, many people have been asking for it in other countries. For example, my dad, who lives in India, doesn't have access to this feature. :(
Yeah, I think it takes it out from and probably not there in India yet. Same with Bing rewards.

@markshelton IT needs to coem to stable soon sicne holdiays is very soon

@markshelton It would be so good if Edge can warn me if I am on a diffrent region of the website. LIke and warn me that I need to switch to Also A.I detect that. Also when on a international stie, be able to currency exchange and find better places in local place or just a better price of CAD not USD

@Kam Well yes to stable in US. Yes, to finding, verfiying and autofilling. but no price comapraisons. 

@Dennis5mile @markshelton Wait there is a option page to show automaticlly and not? I dont' see that.