Introducing Shopping with Microsoft Edge



Holiday season is quickly approaching and this year many of us will be shopping online more than ever before. Today, we’re excited to share some new features built into Microsoft Edge that we hope will help you save time and money these holidays.


Coupons are a great way to save money, but they often require a lot of work to find the right ones at the right time. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new coupons feature in Microsoft Edge (starting in build 86.0.622.61), which we hope will make it faster and easier to save money with built-in coupons. When you visit a retailer site, Microsoft Edge will alert you if there are any coupons available for that site. You can view the list of coupons at any time by clicking on the blue shopping tag in the address bar. At checkout, you can copy and paste a code or Microsoft Edge can automatically try them all to determine which one will save you the most. 



Last month, we unveiled price comparison in Collections to help you find the best price online. Now we’re launching our next step, a proactive price comparison experience that meets you where you shop. When you’re shopping, Microsoft Edge will check prices at competing retailers to let you know if a lower price is available elsewhere. Click the blue price tag to see a list of prices along with direct links to the product page on those sites. If you already have the lowest price, Microsoft Edge will let you know too, saving your time and energy. Price comparisons is now rolling out in Insider channels.


MVP - Comparisons - PDP 1.2.png

This is just the beginning for shopping experiences on Microsoft Edge, and we’d love to hear what you think of them so far! Please send us feedback (“…” menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback) if something isn’t working right. If you’d like to manage your settings, go to edge://settings/privacy and look for “Save time and money with Shopping in Microsoft Edge”. And if there’s a shopping feature you’d like to see added to Microsoft Edge, we’re excited to hear that too.


- Mark Shelton, Program Manager, Microsoft Edge

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Wait, you can disable some of the features
First of all, Vivalidi has a social media integration.
Shopping is for everyone.
Yeah I kinda get your point hope Edge team can balance taht out> :)
Also the coupon thing isnt tht as bloatware. It only turns on when there is a coupon. the Old edge had it as well. With Cortona intergation of course.


@Deleted wrote:
Wait, you can disable some of the features

toggling a button not to see the feature is not what I meant.


the code and everything is still in there, just not available in the UI.

@markshelton  it works just fine wish it would do this on hover. 

Thanks for the suggestion! So you would like the flyout to open when you hover over the icon instead of clicking it? Would that be easier for you? Why do you normally open the flyout?

@markshelton Mark Great feature for MS Edge! How does this coupon feature collect coupon codes & can MS Edge users post/share/add their coupon codes in this feature somehow? I am ready to share my coupon code for a particular website product checkout if you can insert it manually for now...

@markshelton Need to have an ability to mark "lower price found" item as incorrect. I was browsing for sneakers and I got a popup saying lower price found, but it's actually women's shoes and different size. And some other "matches" were also the same brand but different model(but similar name). So it needs to improve exact item detection and/or ability for people to tag items as the same/different.

@markshelton Could I ask how you're getting the coupon codes?  Seems like you, maybe, scrape existing voucher code publishers sites and then re-publish the codes without proper link attribution.  Are you asking for consent from the voucher code publishers before listing their codes?  Often, these sites publish exclusive codes and state clearly in their terms of use that re-publishing is an absolute no-no.


Ooo. Goodie. More bullshit in Edge that can't be removed.

Hi - Shopping is suggesting inline stores that might not be legitimate.  Are sites vetted?  If they are scams does shopping help with resolving issues?  Provide a refund guarantee if the site fails to fullfill? 

@markshelton Hi Mark, I tried messaging you yesterday but I don't think it went through.  I'm the biz-dev manager for Mercatalyst which runs the three ecommerce sites MorningSave, SideDeal and Meh.  We are eager to learn how we can participate in price comparisons in Shopping with Microsoft Edge.  I look forward to hearing from you.

@markshelton What actions can we take if a site is offering coupons on our site that we know are not real?

@markshelton great feature. It would be interesting to hear an answer on this one. How are you getting the coupons?

@markshelton as per other recent comments I would be interested to know how this works (site choice - it doesnt seem to appear on all sites, coupon hunting) and how you vet, and take responsibility, for fraud.


I have just tested this on one of our brand sites and I don't recognise the source and all the codes being suggested are incorrect. Like other people say, the concerns from a brand point of view are that this widget could be unwittingly serving up exclusive, 'closed group' offers that the browser isn't entitled to - it is noted that your widget doesn't serve up any legal terms & conditions that may be associated with the coupons - how do you plan to handle feedback from customers? As a brand I would expect microsoft to take full responsibility for any negative sentiment against our brand that this generates - what is the microsoft policy on this? 

Have been using this feature extensively, I left chrome years ago. But recently this feature has stopped working both on stable and Dev Channel, it has stopped showing history of prices for e.g. on Ebay or Amazon in the UK. anyone else facing the same issue in UK? @markshelton 

@markshelton Hi

Sorry if this question has been asked previously. I would like to know why the shopping tag works in some websites and not others. I thought this would be a good tool to check that our prices were competitive but notice the blue tag does not appear on our website.

@markshelton, there are a lot of queries & concerns about this Microsoft feature you announced but seemingly little/no response. It would be comforting to see you or anyone official at Microsoft taking some ownership and providing some explanation/reassurance, rather than avoiding tricky questions about a microsoft deployment. Cheers.



There is one flaw that is a bit annoying with MS shopping.  When it compares products to same products on other sites it does not take into consideration the quantity of the items being compared.  As show in the included Pic..

Screenshot 2022-01-27 091024.jpg

As you can see, the Walmart price is for a count of 6 cans, where the comparison being made is for only one can.   You are not saving anything because of the inaccuracy of the comparison of 6 cans to 1 can...  This happens all the time.   And if you were to buy just one can at walmart the price would be roughly $3.78 per can..  Where is the savings?

Please fix....
p.s. I'd send feedback on it, but for some reason this latest Canary build "Version 99.0.1147.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)", crashes edge to desktop everytime I try to send feedback... 


This is such a bad idea. I get that it's good for the consumer, but absolutely horrible for the e-comm business that this pops up on their website and offers ,lower prices on competitor websites (often large corporate companies like Amazon and eBay). This would be good if it only scraped coupons on the current site the user is on, like what the Honey extension does).