Introducing Buy now, pay later in Microsoft Edge


“Buy now, pay later,” or BNPL, lets shoppers break their purchases into equal installment payments, often interest-free, which can allow shoppers to get their purchase upfront, instead of having to wait until it’s paid in full.


Usually, BNPL is offered in specific ecommerce websites like Target, Walmart. But now, Microsoft partners with 3rd party Zip (previously Quadpay) to offer a BNPL payment option at browser level. It means any purchase between $35 - $1,000 you make through Microsoft Edge can be split into 4 installments over 6 weeks.


On top of coverage, we also aim to 1) meet you where you are. 2) simplify the application process.


Meet you where you are:

When you are in checkout page, you can find BNPL option right when you enter credit card number


For some shoppers, you can also find BNPL option right when you enter checkout page.



Simplify application process:

Applying BNPL could take time, you need to sign in with zip every single time. With BNPL in Edge, you can simply link your Microsoft account with your zip account with one click and then bypass sign in from Zip side. It can expedite the application process for you.




BNPL is currently available in Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev channels and will be available by default to all users in Microsoft Edge release 96. If you experience any issue while using this feature, please let us know through Microsoft Edge by pressing Shift+Alt+I on a Windows device or going to Settings and more … > Help and feedback > Send feedback.


You can read more on the FAQ support article. Please also join us here on the Microsoft Edge Insider forums or Twitter to discuss your experience or send us your feedback through the browser! We hope you enjoy this exciting new feature and look forward to hearing from you!

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You guys were doing so good with edge. BNPL needs to go.
Yikes. What an awful feature. To intentionally bundle a predatory business model right into Edge is soulless, unethical, and screams "profit over humanity".
Where is the GPO or registry key to turn off this nonsense?

Can you please create one setting/ policy to opt out from all future consumer features you might add to Edge? Shopping Assistant is another example.
Adding to the call to stop this - and at a minimum, allow it to be turned off.
These kind of jokes are a bit out of season, don't you think?

@mehua It's truly amazing to watch Microsoft fumble their browsers year after year. You guys just never learn and will continue to die on the hill you are standing on, alone, trying to shovel garbage onto people that no one ever wanted.


With IE, you never fixed or listened to the feedback on how broken your browser was at following internet standards for HTML and CSS. 


With the first editions of Edge, you made a tablet app for a desktop environment that literally everyone hated.


With the new Edge, you are adding more and more bloat no one wanted all for profit margins. 


Your browsers are, and will always be, seen as just a way to download a better browser.

microsoft edge is already bad browser and this is really annoying go away microsoft @mehua remove this feature
Hi Everyone,

They haven't added the feature to the browser, so please stop worrying. They probably aren't going to implement this :)

There are ways to disable this :)
That's the shopping assistant/coupon. Not the buy later. I've not seen a detailed post on how to do so.
I don't think they released this to stable yet, it is not in the release notes, this is part of the shopping feature maybe? I am not sure, just have to wait :) Merry Christmas

Complete garbage. Remove it. At this point, I've halted all plans to move my enterprise of a few hundred users to Edge from Chrome. Only the small IT department is on it so that I can keep my eye on what crap I have disable each month. Microsoft just can't help it -- you guys have destroyed absolutely every bit of very hard-fought credibility built up over the past two years.

Oh man, PLEASE do not do this.
Edge was doing SO good, with many wonderful productivity features that I love and actually really help me a lot on a day-to-day basis. Edge should be treated as a productivity tool, adding in ads, shopping and now BNPL... this is a horrible change in direction and it's really making me consider if i want to continue using this browser/platform.
Please consider focusing on the productivity features, not trying to turn this browser into something that feels sleezy.


What's wrong with you people, every time MS releases a decent product you pull a moronic stunt like this and shoot yourself in the foot. NO one wants that. Leave features like this where they belong - in add-ons, not core browser experience.


This has to be literally THE dumbest thing MS could have done with its browser. Get ready to lose half of your users as they jump back to Mozilla or Google.


To think someone actually gets paid to come up with ideas like this...smh...

Microsoft should not be getting into business with or integrating any of their products with any BNPL organisations.  BNPL is a sleazy business model and will only make Microsoft appear the same.


Australian news article on BNPL...

US regulators probing Afterpay and Zip over buy now, pay later consumer protections - ABC News

Super disappointed to see Microsoft truly doesn't care about improving its product -- and instead, spend time adding bloatware that'd make the product worse!
I love shopping features and extensions don't give the experience of native experience. But I agree there must be a turn off option in settings. and also, while I don't want shopping features to become an extension this one should be an extension
I don't know how old a device you are using but most stuff you call "slow" isn't a case for me. All of them work smoothly. Also, why Math solver is a bloat it is not for just to calculate 1+1 it can solve the most of advanced math problems. I don't know what world you live in, but math has never been just for kids. And even though. Edge's purpose is to become a browser for almost every type of user. From people who use it for shopping to who uses it for work/school stuff which means kids also using browsers. Maybe don't be that selfish next time and think about all potential users instead of just YOUR experience.

@Metin_Hsnv Totally agree with you, it's a great feature for solving advanced math solutions, even the default calculator on Windows 10 Mobile or Windows 11/10 has more features than your standard phones nowadays. Shopping is nice as you can see coupon history, even though you may hate the fact of BNPL. There are people who still use financing for purchases for major appliances or when they really need it. Even though you may not use it and take it for granted, some do. I like the Give with Bing feature, the fast way to alt-tab between Edge profiles, Collections, Vertical tabs are just amazing for research/school. Every single OS - iOS/Android/Windows/macOS all have a default browser that can't be uninstalled. Some aspects of macOS even though the default is Edge some still open in Safari since that is the only browser that will always be there. It is designed to be smooth, fast only on that OS. It is just Edge has a bad reputation and also people don't like Bing. Bing is actually a wonderful search engine! I like the widgets feature, it quickly tells me my to-do list, calendar or weather or traffic. 


When I suggested features to the development teams of Edge, Office, Windows, not only did they bring the feature I want, they also made it look nice and work seamlessly through products. There is always a reason behind something, that may take some time to understand. Not everything wants to want, there is always a reason.


There might have been people who suggested this, instead of whining, suggest that they work on improving other services or just ignore this fact. Thank you :) 

have a wondeful day!





Yes, sometimes parents or even kids go through their wish list and they find a coupon, it's nice as you can save some money on things, maybe one day it will be integrated with Honey, who knows. Every company can do this, even Apple or Google browser.
Yes, but this is a feature added via Edge version 98 while stable channel is at Edge version 96. Version 98 will arrive to stable channel in February If I am not mistaken. So, we can't really know they will add it or not until then. If they won't add it with version 98 that means it won't in the future as well.