Introducing Buy now, pay later in Microsoft Edge


“Buy now, pay later,” or BNPL, lets shoppers break their purchases into equal installment payments, often interest-free, which can allow shoppers to get their purchase upfront, instead of having to wait until it’s paid in full.


Usually, BNPL is offered in specific ecommerce websites like Target, Walmart. But now, Microsoft partners with 3rd party Zip (previously Quadpay) to offer a BNPL payment option at browser level. It means any purchase between $35 - $1,000 you make through Microsoft Edge can be split into 4 installments over 6 weeks.


On top of coverage, we also aim to 1) meet you where you are. 2) simplify the application process.


Meet you where you are:

When you are in checkout page, you can find BNPL option right when you enter credit card number


For some shoppers, you can also find BNPL option right when you enter checkout page.



Simplify application process:

Applying BNPL could take time, you need to sign in with zip every single time. With BNPL in Edge, you can simply link your Microsoft account with your zip account with one click and then bypass sign in from Zip side. It can expedite the application process for you.




BNPL is currently available in Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev channels and will be available by default to all users in Microsoft Edge release 96. If you experience any issue while using this feature, please let us know through Microsoft Edge by pressing Shift+Alt+I on a Windows device or going to Settings and more … > Help and feedback > Send feedback.


You can read more on the FAQ support article. Please also join us here on the Microsoft Edge Insider forums or Twitter to discuss your experience or send us your feedback through the browser! We hope you enjoy this exciting new feature and look forward to hearing from you!

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This sounds like an awful idea that will only be seen as a shameless cashgrab are/or bloat by media outlets. I beg you reconsider pushing this to live. The negative press this feature is going to receive isn't worth it.



I made an account just to respond.


Please, please stop bloating the browser with these revenue grabs. It's like you're recapitulating the worst IE browser extensions from the 90s/00s and installing them by default. If this continues I'll have to stop recommending Edge anymore, and I've been an Edge supporter for a while.

Please make this an optional add-on and not default. Microsoft is going to get a lot of bad press if this goes live.
We are not looking for this in a browser.
No people, just no! Stop this nonsense of bloating the browser.

Instead, why not make an extension and promote BNPL that way? When baked into the browser BNPL isn't a service, it is a disservice.
This should be an extension at best. It is not a feature I'm looking for in any browser. Microsoft is a multi-billion dollar company. I doubt whatever Zip is paying you is worth the negative press this will generate.
This is a terrible bloatware baked directly into to browser.

@mehua Also made an account just to reply. I love the new Edge and I've been using it since it came out. Seriously, don't support this. No one needs this. BNPL is just an enabler for people who have a problem. No one should finance online purchases that small. This kind of functionality should definitely, 100%, not be in any browser ever. Please don't add to the debt problems people already have.

This is not a feature that should be native in any browser. It's unwanted bloat and an obvious cash grab. Please reconsider and offer this as an extension if it needs to exist at all.

Looks like you neglected to mention the $4 flat fee in the article?


On a $35 purchase, that's 11% of the purchase cost spread over one month. Annualized, that's an astounding 250% APY. Even the most predatory credit cards top out at around 40% APY.


All you've done is just baked predatory loans into your browser. Honestly, you should be ashamed.

Yup, @mehua (the original poster from Microsoft) responded in here earlier saying there was no cash grab here, and was trying to defend the initial negative comments, then she deleted all of her comments!

@jordanspringer To be fair, I'd suspect she isn't responsible for the business side of things, just given the job of making the feature happen. The revenue stream is probably at the corporate level. I don't know where in the chain the decision to make this feature happen arose from, but they should be the ones taking the heat.

Microsoft, you need to remove this!
Edge is good browser and doesn't call for bloating it with crap. It's not like Microsoft needs the money to fund the browser development (like other free browsers). Please remove this and stop adding addons that people don't ask for.
This is an awful idea. Please make this feature an extension and not part of the main browser.
Besides, this service isn't even available in the majority of regions.

@jordanspringer The original poster's comments were removed because responses to those violated our community guidelines:  

Fantastic option! Thanks for providing this
This is not a good thing to put into a browser! Leave this to lenders and other companies and stop bloating the browser for such a bad idea. Not good to stoop to this.

@mehua This will be considered as a very cheap strategy to earn money. Whoever wants to shop can always go for it the other way either through extension or through website. What's the benefit of integrating it in the browser. Already edge has lot's of crap services like shopping add-on, collection service which always keeps running. These consume a lot many resources aren't useful for many people. I don't use collections at all. For me this service shouldn't run but this always runs like a monster self-awakened every minute or so.


I would love to see them as on-demand service. Looks like introducing so many services would want to you make a separate services.msc console for microsoft edge:xd::cryingwithlaughter: