Identify plants, landmarks, products and more, using Search in Sidebar for Image!


Search in Sidebar is one of the many in-context search features that Microsoft Edge users love when performing text search. However, we know that some users have asked for equivalent search features for those wishing to perform a visual search - searching using an image as their input.


We are glad to introduce Search in Sidebar for Images, an in-context visual search experience that can be invoked from any page. Here is how it works:





When browsing on a webpage, just right-click any image to see the "Search in sidebar for image", which will appear if the embedded image is supported.


Clicking on this option will perform a Bing visual search, displaying the results in a sidebar:




Depending on the image, different results types will appear - from landmark identification to shopping results - so do try out different images to learn about everything searching with an image can do!




Search in sidebar for image is a Bing-only search feature. Learn more about Bing visual search here.


The feature has been rolled out to the Dev and Canary channels as part of the CFR, available from 91.0.846.0. Please leave us your valuable feedback around new in-browser search features like this one by leaving a comment below or sending us feedback via the browser ( menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback). We hope you enjoy Search in Sidebar for Image and look forward to hearing from you! 


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Currently we could perform a image search in new tab and this feature would make it a lot easier.
I love this! Thank you for shipping it.

At least in the edge canary there are two modes


My build is 92.0.884.2 (Official build) dev (64-bit); however, in the context menu, search from the sidebar is not appearing
Running 92.0.887.0 and its not showing up.


Bing reverse image search has a big problem,

it doesn't work when the image you are reverse searching is +18 or adult content.

With safe search Off.

it's so weird. reverse searching the same image in Google or Yandex shows more than 100 results, but in Bing, it says 




happens in Edge sidebar and in regular Bing tab.


Really have to get this fixed because it makes no sense.



Please let us choose the search provider (both here and anywhere else in Windows).

@KSC1958 Same here. i just updated to version 92.0.888.0. Canary and search sidebar for images still isn't showing up. so its not just you.

Faut s'améliorer car Microsoft est grand, faut comme Reverse Image Search (Andreas Bielawski).
Like I said in the past it was only one option and this would expand it.
update said this was now included in Dev but no such option exists, does it need to be toggled on?

True, Bing reverse image search makes no sense at all.
I even got 18+ results while having the safe search turned ON.
And no real results in that case either.
Stopped using it, and reverted back to Google for that one. It's amazingly effective of all choices out there,....

Would be really nice to be able to choose the search engine. I realize Bing is MS' choice, but I'd love to be able to select different search engines depending on the login user.
Just updated to Version 92.0.902.2 (Official build) dev (64-bit) and this is not available for me.
Is there an easy extension point to add additional search providers such as TinEye?
Many times that I'm using an image search, it's because I'm looking for the original source of some file (because, believe it or not, people download and repost images without permission and sometimes I want to know the author).
Usually when I do that, I do actually use Bing. And Google. And also TinEye, all three, and between the three of them I have a good chance at actually locating the image's original source. And so what I'd really like here is some form of easy provider list.
Again, Bing is by far my dominant engine - and so this is absolutely not a "I hate Bing make it go away," Google is - in my experience - much worse about detecting content farms reposting content. However, for a "locate the source" search - I still get more consistent results using all three.