Give nicknames to your credit cards in Microsoft Edge!


We're listening, and we heard your feedback!


We've heard from you that you are having trouble identifying and selecting the right card while filling out payment forms online. Starting now, you can give a nickname to your saved credit/debit cards in Edge, making it a breeze to pick the exact card that you want to for every payment you make.


Here are the ways in which you can add a nickname to your card.

  1. When you use an existing saved card



Watch out for this notification the next time you fill a payment form through autofill suggestions. Simply enter the nickname of your choice!


  1. When you use a new card


You may be familiar with this notification that comes up when you enter your card details on some payment forms.


Now the same dialog also lets you enter a nickname before you save it. Can't think of a name yet? Don’t worry, you can still go ahead and save the card right now as it is completely optional.


  1. Anytime on Settings

Go to edge://settings/payments and choose Edit option to add a nickname to your saved card.


If your card isn't already saved, you can click on Add card to enter the details including a nickname.




Once you give a nickname, you will then see it appear in the autofill suggestions the next time.



Tip: Longer nicknames may get truncated but hovering over the word will display the full nickname.



If you find this improvement to be helpful, do let us know. Share your thoughts on this feature and payments experience in the comments below, or by submitting feedback through the browser!


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Yeah, love this, have been using it for a few weeks now when it came to Canary....

Thanks for adding this feature!


The option to edit does not appear to me, but the option to edit in the microsoft account.

Currently, this feature is available only for cards that you saved on the device. If you wish to name a card in Microsoft account, please choose to save a copy of the card (through a checkbox) the next time you use it. Hope this helps.

Hello @laalithya 

Thanks for answering

Would you know if the nicknames will be available in the future for those cards linked to the microsoft account?

@laalithya Thanks for a detailed explainer on this feature.

I have been using this for a while in the Canary builds, and this is super helpful feature. :smile:


I have a different problem when trying to pay by credit/debit card in Edge, which has been consistent through the last few updates.

Most of my cards require a verification process (e.g. Verified by Visa) and I find that I enter the card details, press Submit but then the verification window does not appear so a payment is not processed. I keep having to cancel out of my purchase and re-do it in Chrome. 

Will there be any solution to this issue?

A fantastic addition!
That's an interesting point! will they sync along with the card details? @laalithya
This is cool feature, it would be interesting if we could also group cards and add nickname. For example

Group 1: Work
Credit Card 1
Credit Card 2

Group 2: Home Shopping

Credit Card 3
Credit Card 4
Credit Card 5



Thanks for the build 84.0.508.0! The features are very useful!

@patolver this seems to be an issue with pop-up blocking based on what you are sharing. Seems like due to some permission/setting the dialog is not showing. The best way we can investigate this is if you can file a bug the next time you encounter.

@eguif we understand there is a need for this and will process this input.

@Reza_Ameri-Archived that is interesting to know you have multiple cards under the same category. For now, you could try naming as: Work1, Work2, Home Shopping1, etc. Thanks for sharing your input with us!

@sayjay09 these are not syncing currently. We will process your feedback on this.

@laalithya not me but since I am working diverse group of people who are using Microsoft Edge , I will share their feedbacks too.

Some scenario is there are people who let say they have two cards where they only use for shopping and 3 cards for other stuff loan or other payments and one for their work, so they want group labeling. While single labeling is common scenario.

Thank you@laalithya 
Good to know that this will be available

Yes, it would be great if that could be incorporated :) thanks.