Get your extensions featured on the Microsoft Edge Add-ons home page


Hello Extension Developer community,

We at Microsoft Edge Team understand that developers want ways and methods to promote their extensions to increase visibility of their extensions on the store.

The Microsoft Edge-Addons website homepage is a great source of information for the users looking for extensions. Our data shows that 25% of sessions on Microsoft Edge add-ons start from the home page. Thus, making it one of the best places for consumers to discover extensions and for developers to showcase their extensions.

Apart from displaying the top extensions for each categories, we have several collections on the home page such as Editor’s Picks, Most Popular, Trending, Work from home tools and so on. While some of these are curated using our AI/ML models others are updated manually in line with the ongoing trends and user needs.

To further enhance the website, we have added a carousel on the store home page creating one more asset for showcasing extensions.
To help consumers make a quick decision about the extension, without going to the detail page, key information such as ratings, short description and developer details are prominently displayed.


How to get your extension featured on the Microsoft Edge Add-ons home page?

If you would like your extension to be added to a particular collection (or if you want to recommend a new collection that fits your extension), kindly submit a request using this form. Note that all requests submitted via this form are automatically considered for the carousel and the Editor’s picks.


There is a review process that looks at a variety of factors, such as utility of the experience, customer reviews and any unique features for Microsoft Edge, to determine if the extension qualifies for consideration into the editorial section. There are many extensions that qualify, but space is limited.  To accommodate promoting all the high-quality extensions, the editorial section is updated on a regular basis. We review the requests every 15 days so please wait and do not submit multiple requests for the same extension.


You must make sure that your extension has a large promotional tile in its listing with size 1400x560 px for it to be featured in the carousel. 


Drop down with important links for developers

Developers can now find key documentation for extensions on the store front with the help of a new menu item exclusively for developer resources.




We hope that these features will make it easier for developers to submit, update and promote their extensions. We look forward to listening to your experience, suggestions, and feedback. Our contact details are available here.


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This sounds good, I hope more extensions become available in Edge addons store, specially those in chrome web store.


Hey Ashish - thanks for this article. Just submitted.

Any other suggestions for promoting an edge add-on?

- Sam