Add and manage users from your organization on to the Microsoft Edge program



Hello Extension Developers,


We at Microsoft Edge team are constantly working to improve your experience of publishing extensions to the Microsoft Edge Addons website using the Microsoft Partner Center website. We are happy to announce that you can now add users from your organization to your Partner Center account thus making it easier for them to login to the Partner Center and manage add-ons. Below is a summary of how you can do this, for more details, visit here.


To allow users from your organization to manage and publish extensions, you need to associate your Azure Active Directory tenant with your Partner Center account. Associating your AAD tenant is simple and involves minimal steps. Before you get started, you will need to register as a Microsoft Edge extension developer to publish extensions with the Microsoft Edge program and this requires a Microsoft Account (Hotmail/Live/Outlook).


Once you have registered, go to Settings -> Organization Profile -> Tenants in your account settings and click “Associate Azure AD with your Partner Center account” option. For more details refer to the documentation here.

Screenshot (415).png


In case you do not have an AAD tenant, you can create one within Partner Center at no additional charge. If your organization already uses Microsoft 365 or other business services from Microsoft, you already have AAD.

Screenshot (416).png


Once the association completes, you will be ready to add users in the user management section on Partner Center.



Visit here to learn more about this feature. If you face any difficulty with associating your AAD tenant or have questions regarding the same, feel free to reach out to us on our support channel. Do let us know what you think of this improvement by leaving a comment below, or by sending your feedback through our documentation page. We would love to hear from you!

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